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Your SEO Magician

If you’ve never been to a magic show, you should attend one soon. SEO isn’t some mystical entity, as most companies would like you to believe, but it is a continuous stream of changes, updates, and research. The smoke and mirrors, rabbit in the hat, or human locked in a box then cut in half… Read more »

SEO Changes that Affect Dentists

You have a website that’s only three years old. You spent thousands on it. At first, the site brought you a good number of new patients each month, and the amount you spent on monthly support, SEO, and blogging was returned tenfold. The past six months, however, calls have dwindled. What happened? You didn’t change… Read more »

Quick Lesson about Keywords

You may already know that keywords are words or phrases you type into a search engine in an effort to find specific information. If you want a home builder, you might type “custom homes Dallas” or “log homes Virginia.” The words in quotations are keyword phrases. A log home builder in Virginia who has optimized… Read more »

3 Organic SEO Must-Haves for Dental Websites and Blogs

Keywords –As part of an effective dental marketing strategy, using keywords assists search engines with determining the purpose of your dental website and blog. Keyword placement also helps search engines drive traffic to your website. However, overusing keywords can do more harm than you might think. For example, Google’s sophisticated algorithms can detect inappropriate or… Read more »

Natural SEO in a Dental Marketing Strategy

SEO, these days, involves much more than metadata and keywords on your dental practice website. In fact, Google doesn’t even read meta keywords on websites any longer! The world of SEO involves every bit of online presence related to a dentist, from websites, microsites, and blogs to social profiles, comments, incoming links, articles, and patient… Read more »

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, a term that refers to the strategy intended to make a webpage rank high on search engine results pages, or SERPs. Since Google is the giant of search engines, dentists should look to Google for advice on search engine optimization. In the company’s blog for webmasters, we learn that… Read more »