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Dentistry Gets Personal: Three Ways to Create a Personal Brand

There’s a popular misconception out there that a brand is nothing more than a name, slogan, and look. True, these are important components of branding, but they’re also hugely impersonal. The personal aspects of your brand, which stem from your energy, commitment, and talent, are equally important and significantly more potent in an industry where… Read more »

The Dental Website Design Process

We’re often asked what happens during our website design and development process, and what the client dentist can expect. Creating a website is a project that requires communication and effort on the part of the creative team and the dental practice. Our team does all we can to make the journey easy. We know that… Read more »

10 Things to Tell Your Dental Marketing Company

The best dental marketing company can help your practice grow, but they can’t do it alone. Why? Because today, people expect a personal touch in marketing – particularly from a private practice, and even more so from a healthcare provider. In the past, a dentist could hang up a sign and patients would book appointments…. Read more »

Third Party Embeds in Your Dental Website

Because your dental office can’t handle everything the Internet has to offer, you probably outsource some things to other companies. Marketing, like your website and newsletters, patient communication, including appointment reminders and requesting patient reviews, and electronic patient records are a few examples of services dentists outsource. With all the emails you receive from people… Read more »

Quick Lesson about Keywords

You may already know that keywords are words or phrases you type into a search engine in an effort to find specific information. If you want a home builder, you might type “custom homes Dallas” or “log homes Virginia.” The words in quotations are keyword phrases. A log home builder in Virginia who has optimized… Read more »

What is Dental Website Analysis?

A “free website analysis” is kind of a vague term. We know it’s free, and we know it’s a test of a website, but what is it testing, and why? Do you need a website analysis? The answer depends on whether you’re happy with your website, and also on what the analysis results will tell… Read more »