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Personal Branding, Not Personal Bragging

Today on LinkedIn Answers, I reviewed comments on a marketing question that I hear from dentists quite often. To paraphrase, the question is: When marketing a dentist, not just a practice, when does branding turn into bragging? Dentists don’t want to come off as narcissistic to potential patients or their colleagues. However, as the primary… Read more »

We’re Thankful for YOU!

Enjoy this holiday with your family — or by yourself! As you rest and play, we’re hard at work making your online marketing better. MDPM has many improvements and extra benefits for you in 2012. Why? Because you deserve our best, and we’re always working harder to reach that elusive best!

A Dentist’s Website is Not a Commercial

What Should a Dentist’s Website Be? Dentists have not always had the privilege (or pain) of marketing. Just a few decades ago, dentists were allowed the opportunity to advertise in the Yellow Pages. Times have changed, and that’s an understatement. You know that you need a website, but what is a website? What will it… Read more »

SEO for Dentists Ain’t Rocket Surgery

Eight Secrets to SEO Success Many techies take great pride in making people feel stupid. Well, I’ve never enjoyed feeling like an idiot, and I suspect that my current and future client dentists feel the same. I did not start my career as a technological guru; I am not a self-proclaimed Internet maven. I’m a… Read more »