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Search Engine Optimization Imperative for Dentists

A recent study by MerchantCircle/ surveyed 2500 small business and found that if owners could invest in just one type of marketing, it would be SEO. To dentists in private practice, this study sheds light on where to spend marketing dollars in 2012. The Statistics In the survey, nearly one-third of responding small business owners… Read more »

Keyword Stuffing Can Kill Your Rankings

Black Hat Tactics As with anything in life, there are ways to cheat when it comes to SEO. For instance, you could hide keywords in your website by making the text the same color as the background. You could pay for links to your website from content that’s really irrelevant – just so you get… Read more »

Dentist Marketing SEO Piece by Piece

Part 1: HIGH QUALITY DENTAL CONTENT Over the past few weeks, I’ve harped a bit on what Google wants from dentists when it comes to Internet marketing. If you give Google what it wants, you’ll get what you want from your Internet marketing strategy: higher rankings, which translates into more new patients. The bottom line… Read more »

5 Reasons Your Dental Website’s SEO Stinks

Your site has duplicate content: If your site has the same text that’s on other websites, Google will frown. To see if your website content is duplicated elsewhere on the web, cut and paste a paragraph from one of your services pages into Google search. You’ll see that the results show similar or duplicate content… Read more »