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10 Things to Tell Your Dental Marketing Company

The best dental marketing company can help your practice grow, but they can’t do it alone. Why? Because today, people expect a personal touch in marketing – particularly from a private practice, and even more so from a healthcare provider. In the past, a dentist could hang up a sign and patients would book appointments…. Read more »

Agressive Dental Marketing: For Success-Oriented Dentists

Today, I want to share with you our Enterprising Selection of Services. This premier package combines our Smart dental marketing and Enterprising selections, and also includes more personalized consulting, more aggressive blogging, and monthly team training in important areas, like social networking and telephone conversion. Aggressive Selection of Services The Aggressive Selection incorporates everything in… Read more »

Enterprising Dental Marketing: For Progressive Practices

Today, I want to share with you our Enterprising Selection of Services, which is the next level up from our Smart dental marketing selection. Enterprising Selection of Services In addition to everything in our Smart Selection, the Enterprising Selection comes with 12 blogs per month and a 10-page dental microsite, built on a CMS, for… Read more »

Smart Dental Marketing: Website Starter Program

As you may have noticed, MDPM has matured a bit over the past few years. Now in our third year of business, we’ve rebranded to reflect the image of the dental marketing consulting firm we’ve become. Though our a la carte menu of services and products remains available, we now offer three selections of services… Read more »

Personal Branding, Not Personal Bragging

Today on LinkedIn Answers, I reviewed comments on a marketing question that I hear from dentists quite often. To paraphrase, the question is: When marketing a dentist, not just a practice, when does branding turn into bragging? Dentists don’t want to come off as narcissistic to potential patients or their colleagues. However, as the primary… Read more »

No Prize Required for Great Referrals

In states where it’s not banned, dentists often turn to incentive programs for referrals. While I’m not opposed to incentive programs, incentives for referrals isn’t necessarily a good marketing tactic. Word-of-mouth is the most effective and efficient way for dentists to get new patients. Referred patients have a good reputation for long-term retention, so providing… Read more »