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Google Plus Your World and Dental Marketing

A new year, in this generation, brings changes from Google, along with a landslide of projections about marketing trends. Last year, while Jill and I were at the Chicago Midwinter, Google rolled out Panda. This bulk of changes to Google’s algorithm prioritized original text, which only proved that MDPM’s approach to Internet marketing is on… Read more »

Social Networking for Dentists Made Easy!

You’ve heard about using Facebook for your dental office. You may have attended a seminar about social networking or read books on the subject. Perhaps you want to Tweet, post, blog, comment, and update, but you just don’t have time. How can you reap the benefits of social networking without squeezing time from your already… Read more »

Search Engine Optimization Imperative for Dentists

A recent study by MerchantCircle/ surveyed 2500 small business and found that if owners could invest in just one type of marketing, it would be SEO. To dentists in private practice, this study sheds light on where to spend marketing dollars in 2012. The Statistics In the survey, nearly one-third of responding small business owners… Read more »

Does Every Dentist Need a Website?

Does Your Dental Practice Need — Really Need — a Website? Yes. I have worked for people who say no. Their thought is similar to the owners of many successful private dental practices: If your practice is doing well and you don’t need any more new patients, then you don’t need a website. This is… Read more »