Month: January 2014

How to Claim Your Google+ Local Page 2014

Just when you thought it was save to go in the water… Google changes the game again. Google+ has been an evolving entity since its inception, when membership required referral by a current member, back in November of 2011. Yes, we’ve spent over two years jumping through hoops, or perhaps I should say Google Circles…. Read more »

5 Solid SEO Reasons Dentists Need Blogs

According to Google experts, all business websites need a blog in today’s competitive SEO environment. In the past, MDPM Consulting recommended that doctors place their blogs on a URL separate from their websites. Because of the changing nature of Google’s algorithm and search engine optimization tactics, we now see evidence that placing a blog on… Read more »

Part Three: Sharable Blog Posts that Answer Common Questions

Internet search is rapidly moving from a typing-based platform to a voice-based platform. Instead of typing requests (keywords) into Google Search from a desktop or laptop computer, many searchers now verbalize search requests into their smartphones and tablets. This changes how marketers must look at SEO. Verbal vs Typed Searches A solid example is, when… Read more »

Do I Need a Mobile Website?

For most dentists, the focus is on patient care, not marketing. While current patients appreciate being the center of your attention, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay up-to-date on the latest SEO tactics or successful marketing techniques, or work with a company that can handle these areas for you. Many dental professionals underestimate the importance… Read more »

Part Two: Sharable Blog Posts with Intriguing Titles

When I was in high school, my journalism teacher, Ms. Shumate – an edgy character whom I loved – presented a tried-and-true example of how article titles make an impact. She said that the headline “Dog Bites Man” is boring; it happens every day. However, “Man Bites Dog” is quite interesting and would be more… Read more »

Part One: Sharable Blog Posts and Timeliness

Timeliness in Blog Posting Do you ever wonder how to make your blogs more interesting? Do you envy those bloggers whose posts go viral? In SEO, as in medicine, research can reveal valuable information. Let’s explore the reasons that certain blog posts gain extreme popularity, while others never draw a human visitor. Top Blogs The… Read more »

Premiering Dr. Gregory Wright’s New Website

Recently, MDPM Consulting completed the build for Dr. Gregory’s Wright new dental website. As with our other clients, we worked hard to incorporate Dr. Wright and Dr. Victoria Heron’s treatment philosophies, along with a healthy dose of SEO. To broaden a dental practice’s reach and help them attract new patients, we employ the latest dental… Read more »

What is Responsive Website Design…Revisited

Today, I’m recycling a blog from August of last year, because many of my clients have opted for rebuiding their 2-year-old websites with responsive design. Responsive sites are prioritized over non-responsive sites by mobile search, and they’re also user friendly. More and more people are using tablets and smart phones for searches today, and if… Read more »

New Website for Lathrop Dental Center

If a patient is looking a dentist, their first introduction to a practice will typically be a website. Any successful dental marketing strategy will involve creating a website, and a successful website should be easy to navigate, informative, and contain SEO. At MDPM Consulting, we provide dentists with the resources and expertise to create and… Read more »

Introducing the Website for Cerritos Dental Surgery

At MDPM Consulting, our team works hard to ensure our clients receive a quality product that reflects their philosophy. By perusing a dental website, potential patients should be able to understand what experience, amenities, and services a dental practice offers. One of our most recent successful builds is for Dr. Shawn Hofkes of Cerritos Dental… Read more »