Month: March 2017

New Study Shows The World Going Mobile

I feel like at least once a week we blog on this topic: The importance of being mobile-friendly. Every year, mobile grabs more and more attention as it moves towards being the primary means by which we visit the internet or search for businesses (and dental practices!). However, a new study shows that mobile has… Read more »

Does Your Content Need More Visuals?

In the world of online marketing, people definitely judge books by the covers. A well-made and visually interested website can suggest that the business is modern, up-to-date, and incorporating the latest treatments and technology. In addition, users crave visual elements in their content, from blogs to webpages. Does your content need more visuals?

Create Successful Content For Short Attention Spans

We don’t look at content online the same way we would a book. We skim, we skip, and we’re very likely to turn away from blogs or pages that appear to require too much of our time. With this in mind, how do you create successful content while at the same time, catering to users… Read more »

How Will A Mobile-First Index Affect You?

Google has again announced that mobile-first indexing is on the horizon. This means that when organizing results on a SERP page, websites that are mobile-friendly will net higher spots and users will be directed to them over sites not optimized for use on smartphones or tablets. As a dentist, how does this affect you and… Read more »

Are You Making The Most Out Of Social Media?

At this stage, you and most likely everyone you know has at least one social networking account. Social media has changed how we interact and keep up with friends and family. In addition, it has also made huge changes to how businesses, including dental practices, reach out to patients and attract new leads. Are you… Read more »

What Else Does My Website Need?

Finishing your website is a big deal. After all, you’re essentially opening the doors for your online office. Just like your physical office, you want your site to be attractive, easy-to-navigate, and inviting. Your website is also the keystone of your online marketing strategy, the first step in creating your brand and your SEO strategy…. Read more »

5 Important Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing is essential to ranking higher for searches in your community. After all, SEO only works if Google can recognize that you have content worth directing users to. There are a number of things you can do– from what kind of copy you create to how you present it–to ensure you’re properly optimizing your… Read more »

How Do You Request Reviews?

We’ve written in the past about garnering reviews. We know they’re important, but getting patients to take time out of their day and write one can be a difficult task. To accomplish this, we’ve often recommend incentives, such as our successful “Have a Cup of Coffee on Us” campaign. But what if you didn’t have… Read more »

Why Do We Need Reviews?

You’ve completed your website and it looks great! Your copy is unique and addresses many of your potential patients’ questions or concerns. You have an active social media presence on several platforms. Your business pages are done and all your NAP (name, address, phone number) information is the same across the board. So, your online… Read more »

Employing Graphic Design Elements

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about the copy content of your website, such as blogs, link building, and keyword placement. However, since many people do, in fact, judge a book by its cover, you should be aware of how important graphic design is for your website. A good design can ensure that your site… Read more »