Why Should You Post Community Blogs?

We’ve discussed the importance of blogging about dental health topics extensively, especially when it comes to building your online SEO. However, the value of writing and posting blogs about community events is not always as apparent. In addition to rounding out your practice’s repertoire of dental advice, treatment expertise, and more, your blog can also serve as a great way to inform your audience about what your community has to offer.

The Overall Purpose of Blogging

Your website serves as your “online practice.” When you blog about the services you offer or the symptoms that you help patients overcome, you attract attention to your practice while building its organic SEO. The pages on your site may remain the same, but every flesh, original blog helps expand the content regarding your services. Through regular blogging, you can provide consistently new and useful content for Google to serve up in relevant search results. Sharing your blogs on social media will help further attract the attention of patients and potential patients by offering advice that’s relevant to their unique dental concerns.

The Value of Community Involvement

In the same way that dental blogs boost SEO for dental-related topics, community blogs boost local SEO within your practice’s community. Rather than focusing on dental health content, your community blogs help showcase the family-friendly events that occur all year long, with a focus on each community’s location. The benefits of regular community blogs include reinforcing your online presence among families within the community, as well as garnering increased social media interaction as people interested in those events share your posts with friends and family.

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