How to Get More Online Reviews

Most people are aware of the importance of online reviews, but may not be certain exactly how best to get them. Others may have trouble with fake or undeserved negative reviews that seem to harm their reputations online. In either case, the art of cultivating positive, real reviews from patients is something that we at MDPM specialize in. In addition to helping our clients optimize their websites and social media strategies, we can also help you garner the reviews you need to round out your practice’s online presence.

Ask for them.

One of the simplest and most-often overlooked strategies is to ask patients to leave a brief review and testimonial of their experience online. Patients often seek their doctors and dentists through online reviews, yet do not realize the impact that their own review can have in benefiting your office. A friendly request may prove more beneficial than you realize, as well.

Create engaging promotions.

You may not be able to directly offer rewards for positive reviews, but you can run fun and engaging promotions that encourage patients to engage with your practice online. For instance, offering a free teeth whitening treatment to patients who attend a regular checkup and cleaning appointment will encourage patients to share the great deal with friends and family on social media.

Be interactive on social media.

Speaking of social media, maintaining active and up-to-date social media pages is as essential to gathering reviews as it is to building a positive SEO strategy. By being on several different social media platforms, you give more patients the option to review your practice on the platform of their choice.

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