Client Feature Friday: Smith Family Dentistry

Welcome again to Client Feature Friday! Our favorite blogging day of the week, where we get to highlight a client. Today, we’re looking at the brand-new website our team completed for Dr. Kyle Smith of Smith Family Dentistry. We’re very proud of this site and the hard work our team put into creating it for our client.

Meet Drs. Smith

Dr. Kyle Smith and his father, Dr. Buddy Smith have a history in Greenville, TX. Dr. Buddy Smith has been practicing in the city since 1975 and his son started in 2005. Both embrace new advances in dental technology, including 3D CAD/CAM digital dentistry and implant dentistry, to help patients enjoy optimal oral health. They offer a comprehensive approach to help families and patients of all ages.

Embracing Modern, Conveying Tradition

The doctors wanted a modernized logo and website, but at the same time, wanted to convey tradition. After all, both have been providing care to patients in Greenville for decades! Our designers and copywriters worked together to create something new and unique, something that embraced modern while conveying the tradition that was so important to the doctors and their team as well.

We can Help!

Do you need a website or do you have an old one that is in desperate need of an update? Then let us know! Remember, we don’t believe in templates or a one-size-fits-all approach to website design. We want your website to be original and reflect your unique approach to dentistry. Give us a call, MDPM Consulting is here to help!

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