When Should I Add New Content?

As you know, a website isn’t carved in stone and meant to stay as-is forever. In fact, it should evolve and change as your practice does. Our clients often have questions about when to add new pages to a website. You don’t want your site to be unwieldy, but at the same time adding pages and blogs can offer a boost in rankings. When should you add new content?

The Benefits of a Content-Based Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy offers a number of benefits. First, Google is always content-focused. They want to make sure the site they direct a person to contains quality pages and information, assuring a positive user experience for searcher. Their constant tweaks and algorithm updates are designed to help distill a search results page to the most relevant options. As a result, if you’re focused on content marketing, then you have little to worry from these updates!

Can I Add Pages?

Yes! Your dental practice will continue to grow and change. Some procedures may go the way of the dinosaurs, replaced with new technologies and treatment options. As you alter your services, you should update your webpages. Same with changes to staff. These are all opportunities to add pages, which means new content for Google to crawl and index and hopefully, an improved ranking position. Remember, what you add should also be relevant to your services, otherwise they will be of little benefit to you.

Try Blogging!

One method for adding new content on a regular basis without ballooning your website into something unwieldy is blogging. Studies show that blogging four or more times a week, or 16 times a month, can net the optimal results. Blog about questions patients ask, information you wish they knew, or updates and news about your office and community. With blogging, you have a content-based option to help your SEO.

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