Does SEO Ever Really Change?

When you read and research about search engine optimization, you may be under the impression that it’s always changing and in flux. While Google is always tweaking algorithms and offering updates, do the basics of SEO ever really change? You may be surprised to learn that with a content-focused strategy, your approach to SEO may not ever need to change, no matter how updates a certain search engine giant drops on you.

Google’s Updates

Recently, Google unveiled Penguin, which is live and makes updates continuously without big announcements. In addition, Google moved to mobile-first indexing, placing priority on sites that are mobile-friendly. These are just well-known examples, as SEO have pointed out that Google also makes other updates and changes to how they sort search engines results page, with the moniker “Fred” being given to these. How concerned should you be?

What Stays the Same?

Well, if you focus on creating quality content, these changes should actually only help you. Google uses keywords to find out what the topic of your page is. They identify links to see if they are informative and not filled with spam, and they also look at the copy itself. Original and well-written text mean the content is more likely to address a user’s query, so the search giant will steer people toward these.

Simply put, when you update with new pages and blogs that are original, with relevant keywords and links (limited to 5-7 mentions, Google punishes keyword stuffing and poor link building and this can be reflected in your rankings).

We can Help!

We’ve always embraced a content-focused approach. When these updates happen, there is no mad dash scrambling to get sites up to date. Instead, we’ve urged our clients to consider mobile-friendly design, as well as original content. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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