Are You Showing Up In Local “Near Me” Searches?

What do you need to do to make sure people near you are finding your practice when they search for dental care “near me”? When it comes to seeing value in search results, the proximity of the places a person finds can be important. If you want to make sure people who are close by know that you are ready to help them, you want to have accurate information that lets Google know where you are located, in addition to what you do. Incorrect or inconsistent information can actually hurt your SEO, and make you less visible. We can help you find ways to reach the people in your area more effectively, while maintaining a beneficial presence online. (more…)

Making Sure Social Media Benefits Your Practice

Have you looked to social media as a way boost the visibility of your practice? Are you relying on it to communicate with your current patients? While it can seem ever-present in our personal lives, you may have overlooked the ways in which a business profile for your practice can help you. With a business profile on Facebook, you have a way to share your online content more directly, and you have a way to encourage engagement with your practice, and your website. When your efforts turn into more clicks, and longer site visits, they can lead to better SEO for your webpage! We can help you understand the value of a social media presence, and we can help you figure out how to expertly manage your account activity! (more…)

It’s Time to Celebrate Your Practice

Managing a dental practice takes time and resources. It is, after all, a business. However, just because your dental practice has to function as a business, doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of personality! Case in point: Celebrating milestones. As a person, when something good happens to you, you celebrate it. You let others know so that they can share your joy and enthusiasm. When something good happens to your dental practice (like winning an award), or you reach a milestone (like a practice anniversary or in-office birthday), you should celebrate it and share the news with your following! People like seeing the personal side of your business. (more…)

We Can Make Sure Your Website Is Built For Better SEO

What do you need to do to make sure search engines like Google see value in your site, and recommend you when people in your area search matters related to dental care? Good search engine optimization, or SEO, can be key if you want to successfully attract potential patients to your practice through your website. One factor that can determine your success is the presence of the proper on-page signals. The content you post serve as signals to tell search engines what kind of information you have, and why your input is relevant. There are also important signals that are less visible to visitors, but key to communicating successfully with Google’s algorithm. We can help you understand how the right links, the right tags, and the right meta descriptions can lead to a more successful site! (more…)

Client Feature: Dr. Dang and Bella Dental

Well would you look at the time: It’s Friday, and that means we’re doing another client feature on today’s blog. We love our job because we get to work with so many amazing clients! Dentists and their practices from around the country fuel us, so we like to give a shoutout each week to one of our amazing clients. This week it’s Dr. Dang and Bella Dental. The Bella Dental practice offers excellent service, community-rooted care, and Dr. Dang was named to the D-Magazine’s list of the best dentists in Dallas for 2018! (more…)

How Can You Determine If An Algorithm Update Affects You?

If you keep up with trends and changes that affect search results, you may be familiar with the algorithm updates made by Google at the beginning of August. The August update was what is known as a core update, meaning it made adjustments to the main algorithm driving search result rankings. Because the latest changes seemed targeted towards sites that concern health matters, dental practices faced potential effects. We keep up with changes that affect your potential SEO efforts, which means we can make the necessary adjustments when an algorithm update might hurt your visibility. This can protect you against disruptions that leave you in a sudden struggle to reach people in your area. (more…)

Can My Website’s Age Affect My Online Visibility?

What would the age of your website have to do with your ability to reach people in your area? Older sites may feature JavaScript more heavily than modern pages, and that can affect their ability to convert properly to a mobile platform. If your site struggles to work well in a mobile platform, it can be ranked lower by Google, as the search engine makes an effort to prioritize mobile-friendly pages. If your site features older scripts, or if it was not as well designed as it could have been, your visibility can pay the price, which can make your practice harder to find. We can help you appreciate the benefits of a new or updated website, and show you how a modern, well-built website can improve your SEO efforts! (more…)

Anxious About Negative Google Reviews? Relax

No business wants to hear that its customer or client has had a negative experience. It’s easy to look at a negative experience as a failure. However, no business has a spotless record. You’re allowed to make mistakes and grow from them. When that negativity manifests itself as a negative Google review on your business page, you may start to feel anxious. However, worry not. Negative Google reviews aren’t going to destroy your SEO or your reputation. In fact, negative reviews present an opportunity to grow. (more…)

Local Listing Signals Help People In Your Area Find You

Steps that seem minor can make a big difference to your SEO when you set up your website. One problem that can affect your local visibility is the existence of confusing, misleading, or incomplete details about your practice, or conflicting contact and location information. Inaccurate listings can lower the rank given to you by search engine algorithms. This can also make it harder for potential first-time patients to find you. We can help you support your online visibility by making sure your local listing signals are accurate, and by helping you avoid issues with conflicting information that might be floating around online.  (more…)

Client Feature: Saxonburg Dental Care Micro Site

It’s Friday, so we’re back at it again with another client feature! We feel so lucky to get to work with some of the finest dentists in the country, so naturally we want to shine a spotlight on them when we can. You may recognize the name in this week’s shoutout. We’ve highlighted Dr. Saxonburg’s practice before, as we just had the privilege of redesigning the dentist’s website. However, this week we wanted to focus on a more specific aspect of our client’s approach. In addition to the main website, Dr. Saxonburg also has a microsite. Here’s what that means and why it’s important. (more…)