Optimizing Your Content For YouTube’s Algorithm

Wikipedia celebrated its 19th birthday this January. Not far behind it is YouTube, which will turn 14 years old in February. And for the longest time, Wikipedia was in the number one spot for organic visibility in Google’s search engine results pages (SERP). But like anything older, it should not rest on its laurels. Something younger always appears, ready to take over. In this case, it is YouTube, which has passed Wikipedia for that top spot in Google’s SERPs. This is big news for 2020 when it applies to SEO practices. So, what do you need to know about YouTube moving past Wikipedia in organic visibility?

Optimizing Videos For Google and YouTube

In addition to optimizing videos for Google, you will now have to do the same for YouTube’s algorithm. However, this can be a challenge. Its algorithm functions one way for new videos and a different way for those that have been online for more than six weeks. And metadata, like descriptions, tags, and titles, is less important once more watch time data (the aggregate amount of time viewers watch a video) is gathered by YouTube. However, remember that you have to optimize for Google’s search algorithm, as well. It can appear to be overwhelming, but here are some strategies to help you.   

Make Sure You Are Creating Great Content For Both Audiences

We all know that one of the best ways to attract and keep audiences and customers is to create great content. Have the answer they are looking for before they even know they have a question. 

This content should keep both Google and YouTube audiences in mind. There are differences between the two, but the biggest one applies to values, opinions, interests, and lifestyles. For example, YouTube audiences are two times more likely to adopt new products earlier than their friends or co-workers. Furthermore, that audience is usually made up of influencers, who are the people others come to for advice before buying anything. You will also want your primary audience to discover, watch, like, and share your content on YouTube before a secondary audience finds it on a Google search page. 

Be More Descriptive And Choose Your Images Wisely

As mentioned, Google and YouTube have different algorithms, and the latter’s goal is to help people find the videos they want and to maximize engagement and satisfaction. There are a few ways you can do this. 

First, make sure you are doing keyword research to better understand what your customers want to see on YouTube or find on Google. Great tools to use are Google Trends and Keyword Tool. You want to ensure that you use phrases or terms that show up on both Google and YouTube.

Another thing you can do is to create video titles that truthfully represent your content and that they include relevant keywords in them. In fact, one study about YouTube SEO ranking found that a “substantially higher number of results (> 90%) included at least part of the keyword in their title,” and that “most titles on videos ranking in the top 20 positions average around 47-48 characters, with the highest ranking YouTube videos having the shortest titles.”

That same study discovered a positive relationship between ranking and broad match keywords. It is suggested that lengthy descriptions are better, but don’t go crazy. The ideal length is between 200 and 350 words.  

Finally, tags and thumbnails are important. For tags, you want to use between 31 and 40 distinct ones. YouTube likes two-to-four word phrases, also, over single words. And while they don’t affect ranking, having a vibrant thumbnail that represents your content is a great strategy for encouraging people to click on it. 

Decide How Long Your Video Should Be

Watch time is very important in YouTube’s algorithm. While you may think that shorter is better because of our society’s sometimes lack of attention, that would be incorrect. In fact, viewers appear to enjoy longer videos, with the top five ranked videos running each an average of 11 minutes and 44 seconds long. 

In addition to video length, you should work on building a subscriber base. These loyal viewers will help you achieve a higher ranking. And remember to engage with your customers and audiences via comments and other social media outlets.

Ensure That Your Content Is Well Organized and Programmed Correctly

One way to help your content appear in YouTube search results and its suggested videos list is to organize them based around a theme. Each theme can be its own playlist on your channel. This will help viewers discover and watch more of your content.

And remember to regularly release content. Keeping on a schedule helps retain your audience’s attention. It will also affect YouTube’s algorithm. Just like with other content you produce, programming videos is a good strategy to follow. 

MDPM Consulting Can Help You With Your Content Marketing Strategy

At MDPM Consulting, we can help you develop and retain customers and audiences by creating a digital, SEO-focused strategy and content-rich websites for your business or dental practice. To find out more, please contact MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861.

How Does A Google Broad Core Update Affect Your SEO?

Will you be affected by Google’s latest broad core algorithm update? Earlier this month, the search engine announced that it was implementing another one of its algorithm updates, one that can affect all search results and topics. This is not a change in response to a specific issue, or one that is meant to correct an ongoing issue. As new links and websites continue to appear and require indexing by search engines, broad core updates help ensure that pages are being properly evaluated and ranked over time. As a result, some sites can slip in search engine results pages (SERPs), even if they have not done anything wrong. It is worth noting that in addition to evaluating a site’s content and features, Google relies on user engagement and user experience to gauge where different links should be ranked.

So how will your SEO efforts be impacted now that Google has implemented a new update? If new dental practices have opened up around you and created websites of their own, or if your website is aging to the point where it is not as user-friendly as it could be, it can be hard to maintain your visibility in relevant searches. We have experience helping dental practices generate better results through digital marketing because we focus on organic SEO efforts. In addition to making your sites more attractive, and providing valuable content for your pages, we can talk to you about efforts that go beyond website management to help you connect with more people online, and attract new patients. (more…)

SEO Trends For 2020 That You Need To Know

As the new year comes into focus, you may be taking stock of your successes last year and how you can build on them. Part of that tactic is exploring trends. Knowing what is bubbling up or around the corner can help you stay ahead of the curve and be in front of customers instead of trying to catch up with what they want and need. For businesses that focus their efforts on search engine optimization (SEO) when delivering content to audiences, there are several strategies they can implement in 2020, according to experts in the field. These trends involve truly understanding your customers and how they interact with your content and what they want from your business, creating content that is specific and valuable in helping them make good decisions for themselves, and focusing on how your offline world affects your online reputation and the role it plays in how you are ranked in search engines. Let us take a deeper look at these trends.  


Making Instagram Part Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Have you considered Instagram’s potential for helping you attract more patients to your dental practice? For many people, this social platform is a way to share photos and videos, as well as a way to keep up with others. With that said, Instagram’s popularity, particularly with younger users, has made it an attractive outlet for digital marketing work. While much of our SEO support for clients is linked to website management and content creation, we are prepared to help you make better use of social media to promote your dental practice. In addition to using social platforms to help share content that you promote on your site, we can share attractive images and captions that capture the attention of users. Simply put, when you have active and engaging social media platforms working for you, it becomes easier for you to reach people in your area searching for dental care! (more…)

A Good Content Marketing Strategy Benefits Your Business

The new year rolls around and everyone makes plans to get better — at life, love, career, health — at the things that are important to them. For business owners, proving your value in the industry you are in and promoting your expertise is not just a new year’s resolution. It is an on-going commitment. Marketing content to showcase your skills or the services you provide is paramount to building your business, gaining new customers or patients, and keeping them for life.

But what if your content marketing strategy isn’t working for you? What if your return on investment is lower than expected? You may think that you are doing something wrong, but we bet that you are not. Your tactics probably just need some boosting. The following are ways we can help you market your company or practice to help you achieve the success you envision.


Reach More People With Smarter Online Marketing Efforts

The right approach to online marketing has been important for large and small businesses for many years. While the need to be visible and appealing in digital spaces has been a longstanding concern, the “right” way to approach SEO and online marketing has changed over time. Thanks to improvements in website technology, and a number of updates to search engine algorithms, you may have trouble reaching people online in 2020, even if your efforts have been successful in years past. As a result, you can become harder for people to locate, which can make it difficult for you to bring in new patients. Because we keep up with changes in the world of SEO, we can help you become – and stay -current with important online marketing trends.

More SEO Trends To Help You Promote Your Practice In 2020

The internet tends to be the first place people look when they want to find a nearby business or service, which makes it hard to overstate the importance of having a website that is easy to both find and use. When we approach SEO support for clients, we make quality site content a priority, as the information you share can help you establish your value with search engine algorithms and earn higher rankings. The value of site content has risen in value over time because Google and other companies have learned how to better gauge the worth of links to their users. However, this is one of many improvements search engines have made, and one of many factors you should consider if you want to make your online marketing efforts more successful in 2020. Because Google and other search engines are growing more sophisticated with what they can analyze, and because they are able to provide more information to their users on their SERPs (search engine results pages), a successful SEO strategy should rely on technical support as well as content. Fortunately, we are prepared to help you help you sustain a modern and attractive website in addition to providing content-based marketing support. (more…)

Are You Prepared To Enjoy Digital Marketing Success In 2020?

The start of a new year is a good time to reassess the strategies you use to reach people online, even if your current strategy has felt successful to you. Your approach to SEO can – and should – change periodically. This is partly because your practice can go through changes over time, but it is also because the world of online marketing can leave you behind if you are not paying attention. Without the right adjustments, you can struggle to reach people in 2020, and fall behind as other dental offices become more visible in important online searches. We provide dedicated SEO support to our clients, and we monitor trends in digital marketing and website design so we can discuss when it might be time to make a change. You can rely on our experience in the fields of website development and maintenance, content creation, and even in efforts like reputation management to make your online presence more appealing to people. (more…)

Are You Reaching Enough People With Your Website?

When you set up a website for your dental practice, you can set up a digital platform that helps you extend your reach in important ways. The right online marketing strategy can help you reach more people, but it can also help you make sure that you reach the right people, and turn site visits into new patients. If you want to see the most value from your site, your approach to SEO is certainly important. By building up a digital marketing plan that focuses on organic SEO, we can help you consistently connect with more people. Because we take special care to focus on your local search efforts, and building a site that has beneficial technical information, we can also help you make sure that the people you reach could potentially schedule appointments. A targeted approach is important – after all, having more visitors may be reassuring, but what you really want from your website is the ability to attract more patients! (more…)

How Keyword Optimization Fits Into Modern Digital Marketing

As Google and other search engines have made updates to their algorithms, they have become increasingly capable of recognizing websites that try to “trick” their way into better rankings. Thanks to search engine improvements, sites that once received high spots in important search terms because of heavy keyword and link usage have lost out to pages that have more value for visitors. With that said, you should NOT assume that keywords and links have no more value in site content. The presence of both can help Google and other search engines index sites, and determine when they might be relevant in different search queries. When we discuss organic SEO support for our clients, we emphasize the value of website content that is original, relevant, accurate, and user-friendly. As part of our commitment to creating and sharing useful content, we pay attention to keyword research, and take care to use the right words and phrases to make sure you are receiving high rankings in the right searches. (more…)