3 Reasons to Go Mobile!

These days, mobile devices are ubiquitous, and people are spending increasingly more time looking for what they want through their smartphones. For businesses that want to get their name out there and recognized, a website that displays easily and beautifully on mobile devices is essential to a successful marketing campaign. With a highly responsive site, your company and brand can reach your audience where they are—on their smartphones perusing social media and other mobile-friendly sites. (more…)

FAQs About Updating Your Website

A lot of work goes into creating and maintaining a good website. For that reason, many practice owners are hesitant to make changes or updates, even years down the line. However, a website isn’t a building, it isn’t carved in stone and for good reason. Online, the world moves even faster and what was top-of-the-line just three years ago can seem dated now. Do you have questions about updating your website?


How Do I Increase Leads?

That is a question our clients often ask. What can they do to increase leads? There are a number of ways you can reach out to your community and hopefully attract new patients, but one of the more overlooked avenues is actually blogging. When done correctly and often enough, posting blogs can offer a significant increase in contact from potential patients.


How Do I Choose A Great Blog Title?

Good question, right? Titles are extremely valuable, and are often the key to pushing a person to click and read your content. But choosing the right title can be difficult. We live in the age of clickbait titles, “5 Things About X That Will Blow Your Freaking Mind” or “Find Out How This Simple Thing Will Completely Change Your Life”. The goal of these aren’t to offer content, but to get you to click and see ads (You’ll notice many of these will drag articles out over multiple pages). As a dentist, you want to grab attention, but you also want to do so in a professional manner and to offer valuable content to your readers/patients. So, how do you choose a great title?