Client Feature: Illume Dental

It’s Friday, so it’s time to once again gather around the ol’ MDPM blog for another client feature! Each week, we like to give a shout out to one of our amazing dental clients from across the country. We get to work with so many incredible dentists who do so many innovative things for their patients and communities, so it’s only right to give them a nod. This week, we’re calling attention to a client of ours in McKinney, TX. Dr. Chen, along with her practice, Illume Dental, is hosting an art show for a local artist. This is an awesome way to engage the community! (more…)

What Can You Do To Prepare For Google’s Planned Update?

Google is set to introduce another broad core algorithm update this month. The algorithm updates that take place can differ in their significance, and in what type of sites are most affected. While specific changes can be hard to anticipate, this could be one of the most significant changes to take place in several years. What can you do to avoid negative effects from this broad change? Because we focus on making sure your site relies on organic SEO – site features that improve your ranking by focusing on giving visitors a better experience – you can count on better consistency in your online marketing efforts. (more…)

Will The End Of Google Plus Hurt Your SEO?

While Google Plus is still running today, it is being phased out by Google. It may not be as frequently visited or used as networking sites like Facebook, but many people have turned to Google Plus as part of a larger online marketing effort. Will your SEO be hurt by the end of Google Plus? There are steps you can take to retrieve useful information from your page. Because we keep up with changes in online marketing that have the potential to impact SEO practices, we can help your practice maintain its digital visibility in moments of significant change. (more…)

Update Your Website’s SEO Practices

Many of digital marketing’s advantages and pitfalls are one in the same. This space has low barriers to entry, meaning that with a relatively small amount of capital, you can create a website and drive search traffic to that website using a variety of tools and tactics. However, because this arena moves so quickly, the best practices for search engine optimization can change rather quickly. It’s important to take stock of what you’re doing with your current website. If you haven’t evaluated your website’s SEO practices in some time, you may be behind! (more…)

Avoid Distractions When It Comes To Your SEO Strategy

Changes in technology can affect what websites capable of, and how people look for information online. Keeping up with these updates can be important. For instance, if your site is not optimized for mobile devices, your SEO efforts can fall short of your hopes and expectations. With that said, a new technology or feature may not have the kind of effect that demands your notice. While people are finding benefits to voice search, those benefits may not impact how users look online for information on dental health, and dental services. We can help you keep up with changing trends that affect your SEO, while avoiding the temptation to chase developments that have yet to demonstrate their value. (more…)

Client Feature: Dental Assistants Week

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for us to spread the love on the blog. At the end of each week, we like to give a shoutout to one of our awesome clients. We have the great fortune to work with amazing dentists from across the country. This week, we’re giving the spotlight to some of our excellent dental clients that recently celebrated a very important event. That’s because last week was Dental Assistants Week! Every dental office needs the hard work and dedication of dental assistants to make the practice run. We’re celebrating some of our clients who celebrated! (more…)

Your Site’s Technical Features Can Be Important To Your SEO

The content you produce on your site can have a large influence on your efforts to boost your SEO, and make connections with more people in your area looking for dental care. Sharing posts on your website that effectively use links and keywords – while also giving users meaningful information – can help your overall online marketing efforts. With that said, you may be struggling to promote your site because it lacks important technical features. In addition to helping you maintain a webpage that is already running, we can create a new website capable of maintaining better SEO! (more…)

Providing Website Content That Patients Can Appreciate

Are you counting on your website content to boost your SEO, or are you using content to engage with people who visit your site? If you want to sustain better website visibility, you should recognize how content that addresses visitors’ questions and concerns can have real value for your SEO. As Google shares more page information on its SERPs, people who are looking for dental services, or who want answers to their smile concerns, can see a preview of your content. Having compelling information can encourage them to click your link to read further – that user engagement can show Google that your site offers more value. We can use consistently produced original content to help you improve your SEO, and gain more from your online marketing efforts. (more…)

Is Your Business Leveraging Instagram Video?

The content you create for your social media channels should be driven by your overall strategy. When you set out to create a social strategy for your business, one of the things you should consider is how you’re going to drive engagement on your page. A recent study has shown that videos on Instagram receive more engagement than other types of content on the platform. That means your business should be leveraging this type of content to gain more engagement! Here’s why video is so effective on social media, and how you can use the tool for yourself. (more…)

Pay Attention To Your SERP Info To Improve Your SEO Efforts

The right measures can boost your SEO, which makes you easier to find when people near you search online for dental care, or search for answers to their smile concerns. What you might not realize is that your ability to attract potential patients can be affected by what people find when they discover your link. Your SERP listing refers to your link, plus any additional information included with it, located on the results pages for search engines like Google. We can help you make sure you have more helpful information on SERPs, which can encourage people to seek out your services. (more…)