10 Reasons Dentists Don’t Blog

As Internet marketing specialists, each day we hear reasons why medical professionals don’t need a blog. How do you feel about blogging for business? Not sure? After reading our blog for the next two weeks, you’ll have enough information to make an informed decision on the matter. Over the next 10 days, we’ll go over each of these points. In the right sidebar of this blog, sign up for email alerts, then read the information at your leisure.

The top 10 reasons dentists do not blog are:

  1. don ‘t understand what a blog is
  2. don’t know about a blog’s SEO benefits
  3. don’t realize the cost effectiveness of blogging in marketing
  4. have been given bad advice
  5. don’t have time to write
  6. don’t know how to use a blog
  7. don’t know what to write about
  8. don’t have a knack for writing, or don’t want to write
  9. already have a website or two
  10. have never thought about blogging as part of a marketing strategy

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