10 Tips for Improving a Dentist’s SEO Rankings

A website is nice to have, but the real benefit is its effectiveness for generating new patients. Potential patients are likely to find a website if the site ranks high on Google for targeted keywords. A dentist in East Dallas should work toward ranking high for terms like: East Dallas dentist, dentist East Dallas, general dentist East Dallas, East Dallas general dentist, family dentist East Dallas, East Dallas family dentist, etc.

How can a dentist’s website rank high on search engines? More specifically, how can a website rank high on Google, the search engine that holds 93% of the market? Apply these ten tips to your SEO strategy if your website isn’t on page one, and you’ll be well on your way up the results. Continue applying the tips, and you’re sure to top the charts soon!

  1. Sufficient amount of original, optimized website content
  2. No duplicate content on the site
  3. Blog two times a week or more on a blog that does not reside on your main website’s URL
  4. Optimize your website code
  5. Submit articles, press releases monthly
  6. Participate in social media
  7. Maintain 3 or more websites/microsites indexed by Google
  8. Submit to local listings, Google+ Local , Health Grades
  9. Comment in forums and leave backlinks
  10. Link swap with local health-related businesses

If you do all of these things for your Internet marketing plan, you’ll probably invest many hours each week. Most dentists simply don’t have that kind of time to spare. Enter MDPM. Modern Dental Practice Marketing can take care of most of the above items for you, so you can focus on dentistry. We’ll also track your success, using WordPress analytics, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools.

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