3 Design Options To Improve User Experience

When was your website created? If you’ve had the same website design for four or more years, you may be in desperate need of a redesign. The fact is, what constitutes good user experience is changing all the time, and right now people want simpler, cleaner sites. With mobile becoming the primary means for web searches, it’s only natural that mobile-friendly designs are being preferred, even if a person is using a desktop or laptop. Fortunately, there are three design options you could use to help improve user experience on your dental site.

Improving User Experience

  • Flat: A flat design employs clean, flat colors, no shading, and the website carries a very modern look. Right now, this is a popular option among our clients.
  • Minimalist: Similar to a flat design but even more sparse, a minimalist design is very simple and clean. The lightweight aspects of the design mean the website loads faster and easier.
  • Hero Image: With this option, the background of your homepage uses a large, bold picture. The goal is to catch the user’s eye. For dentists, this hero image could be of your team, your office, or the doctor. This is a very popular option among clients.

We Can Help!

Remember, these options don’t constitute a mobile-friendly, responsive site, but they are definitely influential. Do you have questions? We can help! Whether you need a new site, a redesign, or have questions about creating a mobile-friendly site, our talented graphic designers are ready to help you create a website that reflects your individual practice and unique sensibilities. We can ensure your site loads easily and can be navigated across a variety of devices, including phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Give us a call today!

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