3 Design Trends To Look For In 2017

For the past several years, websites have been geared toward a flat design with little free space. However, in 2017 we may start to see some major shifts in website design. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at three design trends to watch for in 2017. If your site is older than five years, you might consider updating it, and incorporating one or more of these trends.

2017 Design Trends

  1. Greater Focus on Geometric Shapes: We’re moving from flat designs to websites that incorporate lines, patterns, and geometric shapes for more personality, and to give websites a unique appearance. Using geometric shapes can also add flavor to the site while maintaining the clean, mobile-friendly design people prefer.
  2. Less Clutter, More Content: For years, every available space on a webpage was filled with a banner, ad, pop-up, you name it. Today, many websites are moving away from this “clutter” to a cleaner design with more free space. In addition to improving esthetics and mirroring the clean look of mobile sites, this move means more sites are placing a greater emphasis on their content, as you should too!
  3. Easier to Navigate: Because of the move to mobile, major changes have been made to the way we surf the Net and design our websites. Navigation has been simplified, as well. Rather than navigating multiple pages, modern websites are being limited to five, maybe six pages.

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