3 SEO Strategies You Should Incorporate

The landscape of SEO and content marketing is always shifting and changing. In 2017, a number of SEO strategies suddenly found themselves pushed to the forefront: voice, mobile first, and local. Creating content with these three aspects in mind can definitely improve your online marketing strategy!

3 Search Engine Optimization Strategies

  1. Be Voice Ready: With the rise of smartphones, many people search using questions instead of specific keywords. “Where can I find a dentist in Dallas?” is now being used more often than “Dallas dentist”. For this reason, long tail keywords are being implemented in many successful content strategies. With the rise of voice search, already currently holding 25% of online queries, this focus on long tail keywords will be even greater. Make sure your content uses long tail keywords to be voice search friendly.
  2. Mobile First: Once mobile devices became the primary means of surfing online, Google moved to mobile-first indexing. Now, websites with a mobile-friendly option receive higher rankings, meaning have a website that is non-responsive can cause a significant drop in traffic. Be sure you have a mobile option available! Remember, we can help, redesigning your old website or helping you build a brand new one.
  3. Go Local: With an emphasis on local, users can be more likely to find you by doing a “near me” search or looking for similar services in your community. Going local means incorporating local keywords and making sure your NAP information (name, address, phone) is the same across your site and social media presence. You should also make sure your Google My Business page is optimized and has accurate NAP information as well. Going local is also a reason to make sure you have a mobile friendly option, as most local searches will be done on a smartphone by people on the go.

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