3 Social Media Updates

The world of social media is always changing. As a dentist, keeping up with these changes and understanding how they impact your business can be difficult. Fortunately, we’re always happy to help in this regard! Today, we’re looking at three social media news stories. We’re also going to look at how these stories influence our approach to social media.

Instagram Expanding Carousel Ads

Instagram announced that they will be increasing the number of pictures and videos that can be placed in a carousel ad. Advertisers or companies can include up to 10 pictures or videos and even choose the order they appear in (or leave that up to Instagram). The change is due to the understanding that more and more businesses are using the site to reach clients, and is why we recommend incorporating more than one social networking site into your online marketing strategy. We even include posts optimized for Instagram in our free social media kit.

Twitter is King of Retention

Localytics, a leading analytics and marketing platform, recently conducted a study on download and retention rates of social media apps. The study revealed that Twitter maintained the greatest retention rates among users. At MDPM Consulting, we maintain a Twitter account and often recommend that our clients do the same. As with Instagram, we include Twitter in our free social media kit.

Facebook Leads in App Downloads

The same study also showed that Facebook had the greatest number of app downloads. We understand that this social media site tends to stand above the others. In addition to sharing posts and information about your practice, you can also gather reviews and testimonials. If you have any questions about maintaining an active social media presence, or if you would like to inquire about our free social media kit, please contact our office today!

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