4 Local SEO Tips For 2017

mdpm-local-seo-2017We’re getting ready to finally leave 2016 in the past! Each year is a new opportunity to adapt and improve your approach to SEO (search engine optimization), and online marketing. What plans have you made for 2017? We have a few suggestions for improving your local SEO strategy in the upcoming new year.

Local SEO Strategies to Adopt in 2017

  1. Build Local Links: Building links to other companies and organizations in your community can help SEO and make your practice a familiar face to residents. You can sponsor teams, take part in community activities, and connect with other businesses through promotions.
  2. Focus on Mobile: If you haven’t made your site mobile-friendly you should do so immediately! More people use mobile devices to search online than desktops or laptops. Without a mobile-friendly design, your website can be difficult to navigate. Don’t turn away potential clients. Make sure you have a responsive website that is easy to use on smartphones and tablets.
  3. Be Ready for Voice Search: We actually discussed this in a blog post last week, too. The amount of searches performed using the voice function will only increase in 2017. Make sure your content contains organic long-tail keywords to help optimize your copy for voice searches.
  4. User Generated Content: While well-written and accurate content is a must, you should also make sure your practice has UGC, or user generated content. This refers to peer-created content, not content generated by the practice, or the doctor. Reviews, testimonials, and social media posts are all examples of user generated content. By encouraging patients to leave reviews, and engaging them on social media, UGC can potentially help your local SEO strategy.

Remember, MDPM Consulting is here to help. If you have any questions or concerns about local SEO, give our team a call!

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