4 Tips For Writing Better Blog Titles

We recently took a look at tips for writing a good blog post, focusing on everything from word count to format and even keyword incorporation. In today’s blog, we’re going to tighten our focus a little on just the titles. What can you do to write interesting titles that grab a reader’s attention?

Tips for Writing Better Blog Titles

  1. Don’t Use Clickbait: You know what I mean. When you post titles like, “You won’t how this woman got rid of her teeth stains!” You often run into this online, usually referring to “shocking” stories about celebrities or how some common household item can kill your family, but once you click you find a short, pointless article with no real information, drug out over several pages to get advertising clicks. Don’t do this. Tell people what your blog is about with the title, and be sure your content reflects that promise.
  2. Incorporate Keywords: Try to incorporate the main keyword of your post in your title. “How Do I Whiten My Smile?” or “What Causes Toothaches?” for keywords like “whiten my smile” or “toothache causes.” You can also put them in the headers and the CTA, but be sure you aren’t posting them more then 5-7 times per blog, otherwise Google could penalize you for keyword stuffing.
  3. Understand Your Audience: The most important factor by far. You know your patients better than anyone, which means you know what information is important to them. Write your blogs based on this knowledge, and choose headings that let them know exactly what the post is about.
  4. Ask Questions: For long tail keywords, incorporating how, what, when, and why can be great ways to choose good keywords and write titles that grab a potential readers attention. Remember, the reader could potntially become a patient if he/she is impressed with the content.

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