5 Tips For Local SEO Link Building

Building links is an excellent way to improve local SEO. Now, you probably already have a solid strategy for your website, creating connections between related pages on your website and your blog. But reaching out to your community can offer an organic and useful way to expand your strategy and help your rankings along the way!

Link Building Locally

  1. Sponsor Events: You could sponsor a team, start a scholarship, or contribute to a local school event. When you do, the write ups about these events will include links back to your practice from local sources. You can also blog about these activities, creating more viable connections online.
  2. Join Directories: You can also take part in a local directory of businesses or even other dental practices. Once again, you’re creating links from other local places back to your website.
  3. Donate and Volunteer: If there is a drive to raise money to help people or organizations, take part! If there’s a local toy drive or fundraising activity, volunteer your time as well as your money. You can then write about these events for your blog, including links to related sites in them.
  4. Be Visible at Events: This is an excellent local SEO option, especially since you get a chance to meet many people in your community, forming connections, which can potentially lead to more people scheduling appointments and see you for their dental needs. And when people in your community write about this, your mention will often include a link to your website so people can learn more about you.
  5. Guest Blogging: A classic and rarely discussed way to build links! Find another dental professional you have a rapport with. Recommend each other taking time to write guest blogs. You can also write articles for organizations, the paper, or other sources as a way to continue to build connections to your website and blog.

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