8 Popular Website Design Choices

In recent years, the esthetic choices designers choose for a new website have changed considerably. Instead of filling every available space with links and images, people are now opting for a simpler, cleaner UI (user interface, how a user will use and navigate the site). Video backgrounds, music, and other features that used to be top of the line are now being avoided or minimized. The rise of mobile may be a major influencing factor. In today’ blog, we’re going to take a look at some popular design choices.

Popular Website Deign Choices

  1. Flat: The flat design is becoming increasingly popular, offering clean, flat colors and a modern esthetic. Recently, sites have begun adding shades to give the website greater depth, while keeping the overall flat look.
  2. Illustrative: The website is filled with illustrations and drawings. This can give a friendly and bright appearance. We often see this choice with pediatric dental practices.
  3. Minimalist: Similar to flat UI, minimalist is lightweight and clean, a simple design that loads quickly and easily. This is often a choice for a mobile website.
  4. Typographic: Instead of relying in photographs or illustrations, typographic design relies on large and bold text to take up screen space.
  5. Long Scroll: The page can scroll down continuously, offering lots of information on a single page and making the website easier to navigate.
  6. Single Page: A very simple esthetic choice, offering everything a user needs quickly.
  7. Hero Image: When a large background image is used, which can catch the eye.
  8. Hidden Navigation: Again, an example of how mobile design is influencing desktop websites. The navigation is either hidden behind an icon, or pared down to just five to seven links. Or both options can be implemented. If you have any questions about this or any of the design choices we’ve discussed in this blog, please let us know!

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