90-Day Dental Marketing Plans

You can do anything for 90 days if you set your mind to it, and sticking with 90-day plans can add up to significant long-term benefits. Take, for instance, a diet. If you stick with a low-carb, low-sugar diet and increase your exercise for 90 days, you will lose weight and become stronger. How about oral health? If you have mild gingivitis and begin using a periodontal rinse, flossing daily, and brushing twice a day, your condition will probably improve.

The same philosophy of 90-day planning can be applied to marketing. If you’re an MDPM client, just email or call Jill to request your custom 90-day marketing plan, and we’ll explain the details. The goal is to design a practical plan that will synthesize internal and external, print and online marketing.

For your plan, we’ll cover:

• Topics for your blog posts
• Ideas for social networking
• Ideas for print marketing
• Ideas to get your team involved
• Special events in your office
• Special promotions in your office and online
• Ways to boost SEO
• Ways to boost local promotions
• Ways to improve word-of-mouth referrals

An object – or marketing plan – in motion will stay in motion until an equal and opposite force is applied. With a little extra push, the motion will increase and your marketing plan will pick up momentum. However, nothing happens until you get the ball rolling. Call 972-781-8861 or email us today to make 2012 the best year ever for your dental practice!