A New Algorithm Update Or Not?

As usual, Google can neither confirm nor deny that an algorithm update occurred on the morning of March 8th last week. In addition, this has sent the SEO world (the world of search engine optimization) into a brief panic. What do these possible changes mean? Could a site’s ranking slip, or possibly improve? What does the so-called Fred Update mean for your practice?

What is Fred?

That’s the big question! However, experts have a few guesses. On February 1st, an update occurred that seemed to focus on links. More importantly, the focus was on filtering out websites that use spam links to gain quick ranking elevation. Fred appears to be doing the same. However, since Google has yet to make a statement on either update, we can’t be 100 percent sure of what happened on February 1st or March 8th.

How Will This Impact My Rankings?

Here’s the good news! Neither update should have a negative impact on your site. After all, experts seem convinced that the update was designed to remove websites engaging in spammy link behavior from high ranking positions.Since we don’t engage in this kind of behavior–we limit links to between five and seven per page and ensure that they are organically connected to related webpages and blog posts–then this should not cause a slip in rankings. However, we will continue to monitor this development and should any more news arise, especially news that can affect your practice’s website ranking, we will let you know.

We can Help!

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