A Sweet Event for Dentists: Halloween Candy Buy Back

It’s scary when Halloween is the dentist’s favorite holiday!

But not if said dentist is hosting a Halloween Candy Buy Back program. If you’ve not heard about this sweet deal, you’re in for a treat. The Halloween Candy Buy Back is a trick that gets kids to donate their candy to US troops overseas. For you, the dentist, it’s a delicious opportunity for free press.

Halloween Candy Buy Back works because everyone gets what they want.

You give kids what they really want…cash. Pay $1 a pound, and the kids will line up, all the way down the street and around the corner.

Parents love the event because: A) their kids don’t eat all that sugar, B) their kids get cash that they don’t have to dole out, and C) they like the thought of sending treats to the troops.

And the media goes nuts because they get a grassroots, warm and fuzzy story about people helping people.

The dental team loves the event because they get to dress up in costumes and make people happy. It’s a social thing.

And what about you? Why should you love Halloween Candy Buy Back? Cheap publicity; an opportunity to make American troops smile. It’s that simple.

It really is pretty simple. Dr. Chris Kammer, the inventor of Halloween Candy Buy Back, established a website where participating dentists can register for hosting the event. You’ll get free instructions, free ideas, and free teleseminars with how-to info.

Does it work? Yes. Visit http://www.halloweencandybuyback.com/photo-gallery.html.

Is it too late to get started? No! Publicity should begin the week before Halloween, so you can start planning now!

If you like the idea of hosting community events, but you don’t know how to get involved, or you and your team don’t have time to do all the planning that will make an event successful, call Modern Dental Practice Marketing. We offer consulting and event planning services for our clients. Why? Because we’re in the business to make dentists smile!