Balance and Harmony in Dental Marketing

People crave balance… a balanced diet, a balanced bank account. It makes sense. When we have balance and harmony, things just work better. Take, for instance, oral health. When teeth, gums, occlusion, jaw joints, muscles, and nerves are in total balance, the mouth functions at peak capacity—comfortably, fully, and efficiently. Another example is in the dental office. When everyone on your team does his or her job well and has a great attitude, there’s harmony—and patients sense it.

Harmony and balance are good. Even in dental marketing.

These days, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to marketing. To do the job right, you have to start by developing a logo and brand that genuinely conveys the philosophy and attitude of your practice. The brand should appeal to your target audience and, above all, be unforgettable.

Beyond branding, to achieve a balance that yields optimal results, you need start by considering these elements. The type of marketing that offers the most profit potential for your practice should be your main focus:

Internet Marketing

Print Marketing

  • In-office collateral
  • Local publications
  • Direct mail

Internal Marketing

Community Marketing

  • Involvement with schools or local organizations
  • Semi-annual events at your dental office
  • Participation in community festivals and events
  • Speaking engagements

Location Marketing

  • Signage
  • Curb appeal
  • Office ambiance
  • Team attitude

This checklist should help you balance out your dental marketing strategy, but if you’d like to discuss more help, call Modern Dental Practice Marketing today at 972-781-8861, or email us at [email protected] We’ll be happy to answer your questions and work with you to develop a balanced, harmonious marketing plan for your dental practice. Remember, we’re in the business to make dentists smile!