Can You Change Your Brand?

When you start a practice for the first time, you choose a logo and a branding strategy to help your office stand out and attract new patients. But what if after a few years you decide to make some changes? What if your practice simply isn’t growing or attracting patients as it should? Can you change your brand?

Updating an Existing Practice

You can absolutely make major changes to your brand. Every three years we recommend dentists redesign their website to keep up with the times and avoid having an outdated design. This is also an excellent opportunity to incorporate the latest technology and SEO strategies. While you don’t need to alter your branding every three years, doing this when you update your website is a perfect chance to hit reset.

We can also help with adding locations to your practice. After all, every community is different and while you definitely want a uniform look between your websites, we can also help ensure your new site has esthetic choices and copy that reflect the unique community it serves. In short, yes, you can always make changes to your branding and of course, we can help!

We Can Help!

We’ve had plenty of experience helping dentists across the nation create a brand, including logos, practice names, website design, organic SEO, and even social media and blogging. We know that even in a small community you have competition with dental practices in surrounding cities. Our team can help create a brand that stands out from the rest. We can also implement a local SEO strategy to help people discover your practice when Googling dentists in your town or surrounding communities. If you have any questions, or if you want to schedule a consultation, simply give us a call at the number below or feel free to shoot us an email.

Do you have questions about logos and branding? Looking for new ways to improve your online marketing strategy? Then contact us today and let us help! Send an email to MDPM Consulting at [email protected], or give us a call at 972-781-8861!