Can You Prevent Employees From Deleting History?

mdpmbrowserhistoryA company may have a variety of reasons for monitoring their employees browser history, from accountability to finding the source of a virus. However, if employees can simply delete their history and you’d rather not go to extremes to recover the deleted information, you may be asking yourself, “Can you prevent employees from deleting browser history?” We recently had a client ask us this very question, so let’s check out the answer.

Preventing the Deletion of Browser History

You can often change the group policy settings to prevent employees from simply erasing their Internet history. If you don’t want users to be able to delete their browsing history, form data, or passwords, you can enable the following group policy settings located in both:

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer\


User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer\:

  • Turn off “Delete Browsing History” functionality
  • Turn off “Delete Forms” functionality
  • Turn off “Delete Passwords” functionality

This works well for Internet Explorer and Safari.

The Chrome Exception

While some browsers have a way to alter group policy settings and prevent people from deleting history, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox appear to be the exception. You can’t prevent your employee from deleting history if they use these browsers. Instead, you may need to install an extension that saves the history.

Although this is the case with the traditional versions of these browsers, Chrome offers Chrome For Work and Firefox offers the Extended Support Release. Both are aimed at schools and businesses and have options for preserving Internet history. In addition, Firefox also has a downloadable extension to disable private browsing, and unofficial options to do the same are also available in Chrome.

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