CareCredit Drastically Increases Profitability for Dentists

This morning, dental technology guru Dr. Larry Emmott featured a very interesting article in his e-newsletter. It explained a study by the Academy of Dental CPAs. The short version is, CareCredit is very, very important to dentists.

On dentist forums, we see it all the time… dental offices going under because of the economy. People don’t have jobs (or dental insurance, though it helps little anyway), so they don’t go to the dentist, and they certainly postpone major dental work and cosmetic dentistry. Dentists can’t make ends meet.

In light of the ADCPA research, as a dental marketing company, MDPM needs to make a recommendation: If You Accept CareCredit, Blog About It. Put It on Your Website’s Homepage. Include the Logo and Link in Your Site’s Sidebar. Write a Press Release. Do Everything You Can to Let People Know that They Have Financial Options!

Here’s an excerpt from the study, posted on the CareCredit website.

In the first year a CareCredit account is opened, households with an account:

  • Made 62% more dental appointments
  • Had 282% more dentistry done (by dollar value)

And in five years, said household:

  • Made 25% more dental appointments
  • Accepted 44% more dentistry

That’s huge! Read the study for yourself by downloading this pdf.

And if you need help repositioning your website, composing a promotional blog, or writing a press release to get the word out that YOU offer CareCredit, let me know. Just call Jill at 972-781-8861, and we’ll be happy to help.