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Should Site Content Be Made For People, Or Search Engines?

Your website content helps you extend your reach online, and connect with more people. To be effective, your content should be as visible as possible, which calls for higher rankings on Google and other search engines. With that in mind, is the right approach to focus on potential visitors, or on making your work as… Read more »

How A Content Calendar Can Benefit Online Marketing Efforts

Smart SEO habits are about more than just what you share on your website – you should also think about when, and how often, you should post. Using a content calendar to plan your online activity can help you yield better results from your web presence. We use a content calendar to ensure your blog… Read more »

SEO Will Continue to Be Crucial for Marketing Content

If you’re a small business, you may not have the marketing resources that a larger player does. However, you have the advantage of being more nimble. You can try something different from other competitors without going through layers and layers of approval. This is a major asset when it comes to marketing your business, because… Read more »

Now’s the Time to Start Planning for 2019 Marketing

When it gets to this time of the year, there’s a tendency to start to shut things down. While it’s important to relax and enjoy the holiday season, you don’t want to totally switch off. As a business owner, you know that you always have to be considering what’s next. Don’t wait until January 1st… Read more »

Developing Personal Content for Social Media

As a business owner, if you aren’t operating and maintaining social media pages for your business, it’s time to explore this option! Creating a community where clients and customers can find you and engage with your product or service — that’s an incredible asset for any business to have. If you do have social pages… Read more »

Is Facebook Messenger Right for Your Office?

Social media platforms began largely as a way for people to communicate and interact with one another. Businesses have been able to enter these spaces and effectively use them for marketing purposes. Now, these social media platforms can be utilized as helpful tools for all kinds of businesses. Facebook Messenger is more than just an… Read more »

Remind Your Patients That the Year Is Almost Over

We’re fast approaching the holiday season. This time of the year is beloved because it means more occasions spent with friends and family. However, for your dental office and your patients, the end of the year carries big implications. You want to remind your patients to use their dental insurance benefits before the end of… Read more »

Ramp Up Seasonal Marketing Efforts for Halloween

You may not realize it, but holidays like Halloween actually present excellent seasonal marketing opportunities for your practice. These aren’t marketing opportunities in the traditional sense, but rather opportunities to brand your practice and engage your clients through social media. You may not think of that as “marketing,” because there’s no clear call to action,… Read more »

Remind Your Patients to Use Their Benefits

The end of the year can bring with it some amazing memories and experiences. Holidays and time spent with family are always a joy, but in the field of dentistry the end of the year can bring something else with it. Patients often wait until the last minute to try to schedule their appointments. Then… Read more »

How Saying “Thank You” Could Help Your Dental Practice

It’s funny how easy it is to forget to do the little things. When you manage an entire dental practice there are plenty of agenda items on your mind. Scheduling, invoicing, office management — it all takes time and effort. It’s easy to miss out on opportunities to help yourself! One way you can help… Read more »