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Find the Right Audience with your SEO Content

Using search engine optimization tactics is a great way to drive organic search traffic to your website. From your website, a potential client can learn more about your services and offerings. Getting them to that landing page is a huge accomplishment. So, how can you be sure your SEO tactics will land more views of… Read more »

Get Your Summer Marketing Calendar Ready

The weather is warming up (mostly), which means summer is almost here! Barbecues, days at the pool, and vacations are all in store for the coming months, but the changing of seasons also presents an opportunity for your dental practice. It’s time to set your summer marketing schedule. When you create content for your social… Read more »

Can Consistent Content Help You Sustain Online Visibility?

How important is the content on your website to your ultimate goal of reaching people online, and making a compelling case for visiting your dental practice? While Google’s algorithms can take many factors into account when ranking your site in search results, quality content can help you win a more favorable placement. With helpful, original… Read more »

Creating Site Content For People, Not Search Engines

While there are still people who attempt to shape their content to impress search engine algorithms, many have come to recognize how this strategy can fail to really boost their SEO. Google has implemented many updates over the years, with the goal of finding and providing the most useful website content a person could want,… Read more »

Is Your Business Using Maintenance Marketing?

When you think about your business’s marketing, it can be easy to focus on attracting new clients or customers. The greater number of clients you have, the greater your revenue (in theory). However, marketing isn’t just about reaching out to people who haven’t heard of your business. You should be actively using maintenance marketing to… Read more »

Update Your Website’s SEO Practices

Many of digital marketing’s advantages and pitfalls are one in the same. This space has low barriers to entry, meaning that with a relatively small amount of capital, you can create a website and drive search traffic to that website using a variety of tools and tactics. However, because this arena moves so quickly, the… Read more »

Inspire Your Audience to Make Your Content

There’s real value in having a social presence for your dental practice. Making your target audience aware of your product, and developing a relationship with this audience can have lasting, positive impacts for your business. Once you commit to creating social channels and maintaining an active presence online, you’ll realize that you need to create… Read more »

The Presence Of Thin Content May Hurt Your SEO

How is “thin content” a problem for your website, and what can you do about it? The term refers to content on your page that does little to nothing for the people who encounter it, or to content that is recognized by Google as offering little to no value. That could be because the content… Read more »

Should Site Content Be Made For People, Or Search Engines?

Your website content helps you extend your reach online, and connect with more people. To be effective, your content should be as visible as possible, which calls for higher rankings on Google and other search engines. With that in mind, is the right approach to focus on potential visitors, or on making your work as… Read more »

How A Content Calendar Can Benefit Online Marketing Efforts

Smart SEO habits are about more than just what you share on your website – you should also think about when, and how often, you should post. Using a content calendar to plan your online activity can help you yield better results from your web presence. We use a content calendar to ensure your blog… Read more »