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Don’t Ignore Your Current Patients!

We know that ensuring growth and success of your dental practice means encouraging new patients and chasing down new leads. However, in the pursuit of new patients a practice may end up ignoring their current patients. Staying connected with your current patients can have a number of benefits for your office, including the growth of… Read more »

Don’t Let Contracts Hold You Hostage

We’ve worked with a lot of clients and over the years we’ve heard a number of horror stories about other marketing companies. In today’s blog, we would like to discuss a few red flags you should watch for, such as contracts that last more than 30 days, pressure to sign up right away, or attempts… Read more »

How Do You Improve Patient Retention In 2018?

Sometimes, as dentists you spend so much time and resources attracting new patients, you end up neglecting your current ones. If you spend so much in advertising and online marketing to get them in the door, why not keep them engaged? Often, the best way to keep your practice strong and growing is to focus… Read more »

The Importance Of Maintenance Marketing

When creating an online marketing strategy, many dentists and dental professionals have a singular focus: attract new patients. While leads and new patients are essential for a practice’s growth, you shouldn’t neglect your current patients. After all, current patients will return for checkups and care, and will also refer friends and family! You need to… Read more »

Don’t Fall For The Domain Listing Scam!

We’ve written before about common scam tactics targeted towards dentists. Recently, a client emailed us after receiving a physical bill for their domain listing. Fortunately, instead of simply paying it they contacted us. We want to make our other clients and anyone else reading this blog is aware of this new scam!

How Do You Improve SEO In Person?

When we talk about SEO, we often talk about going local: Targeting your community with online marketing techniques that address their needs and questions, making you one of the first results for a local search. While organic keyword placement, linking building, and other local techniques are valuable, what about face-to-face SEO? Of course, we don’t… Read more »

The Benefits Of Customer Marketing

Have you ever heard the term “customer marketing”? Too often, a business or practice can become so focused on attracting new patients that they don’t pay attention to their current patient base. However, sometimes the best way to attract new leads is to focus more on your current patients. A customer marketing approach can offer… Read more »

Meet The MDPM Team: Kevin VanHorn

Because at MDPM Consulting we care about our clients, our entire team works hard to provide quality service for all of  them. As a result, we like to put a face to our team members and recognize their hard work. Today, we’re featuring an interview with our newest intern, Kevin VanHorn. He is a Terry Scholar… Read more »

What do you have that other dentists don’t? YOUR PATIENTS! Part 1

The Importance of Capitalizing on General Referrals Back in April, we answered a very important question in our monthly newsletter: What do you have that other dentists don’t? The answer: your patients! Over the next several weeks, we’ll be discussing how your relationship with your valued patients can work for you when it comes to… Read more »

We’ll see you at the Star of the South Dental Meeting!

The Star of the South Dental Meeting will take place at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, on January 22-24. Here at MDPM Consulting, we love conferences. We think they’re a great way to stay on the cutting edge of what’s new in dentistry while building relationships within the dental community. In… Read more »