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Now’s the Time to Start Planning for 2019 Marketing

When it gets to this time of the year, there’s a tendency to start to shut things down. While it’s important to relax and enjoy the holiday season, you don’t want to totally switch off. As a business owner, you know that you always have to be considering what’s next. Don’t wait until January 1st… Read more »

The Importance Of Online Marketing For Your Dental Practice

What are you doing to make sure people in your area know about your practice, and the services you offer? With the right approach to online marketing, new and established dental practices can enjoy continued growth. The information you share on a modern website, and through your social media activity, can compel more people to… Read more »

2019 Could Bring Technology Updates That Impact Your SEO

As the next year approaches, you should start thinking about what you can do to prepare for the changes 2019 will bring. When it comes to marketing your practice online, there are changes that can affect you that seem out of your control. For instance, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, your… Read more »

The Value Of Establishing An Online Presence Before Opening

Why should you consider promoting your practice before you officially open your doors for patients? Early promotion can offer SEO benefits, and generally help you spread awareness in time for when you do open. In the past, one drawback to this strategy was that Google My Business listings could not be established until a location… Read more »

Is Facebook Messenger Right for Your Office?

Social media platforms began largely as a way for people to communicate and interact with one another. Businesses have been able to enter these spaces and effectively use them for marketing purposes. Now, these social media platforms can be utilized as helpful tools for all kinds of businesses. Facebook Messenger is more than just an… Read more »

Can Search Engine Algorithm Changes Hurt Your Site Traffic?

Search engines, particularly Google, are often key to finding information about people and services in your area. When you promote your dental practice online, you can be discovered by more people in your area when you maintain a site that benefits from effective search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Of course, your SEO can change over… Read more »

Remind Your Patients That the Year Is Almost Over

We’re fast approaching the holiday season. This time of the year is beloved because it means more occasions spent with friends and family. However, for your dental office and your patients, the end of the year carries big implications. You want to remind your patients to use their dental insurance benefits before the end of… Read more »

It’s Time To Start Creating Your 2019 Marketing Plan

Thanksgiving and Christmas are almost here, and 2019 is following close behind. If you want to successfully promote your dental practice, you should already be working on your marketing plan for the next year. One thing you should pay attention to is the effectiveness of your online activity. With the right approach to managing your… Read more »

Can Local Citations Help You Reach More People Online?

While the information on your website obviously matters, you also need to worry about the information about your practice that exists in other online settings. Citations refer to any references made to your practice’s name and address online. Google’s algorithm will use citations to help make its determination of where you should rank in local… Read more »

Is Your Site Vulnerable To Problems That Impact Web Traffic?

Your goal with your site should be to reach as many people in your area as you can, so that your practice and services are better known. Your web traffic measures how many people are visiting your site – when traffic starts declining, you can understandably worry about the effectiveness of your online presence. This… Read more »