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Make Your Social Media Channels Social

If your dental practice uses social media channels, you should absolutely think of them as strategic instruments to help you brand your practice and engage with patients. However, amidst the planning and content creation, you can’t forget that your social channels are supposed to be, well, social. You’re trying to reach and engage real people,… Read more »

Creating The Right Content Strategy For Site Visitors

For superior online marketing results, you need to find ways to appeal to both potential patients, and the search engine algorithms that affect your visibility. In many ways, creating a website that is attractive and useful to people can help you improve your SEO, as improved algorithms have found ways to prioritize quality site content…. Read more »

An Outdated Website Can Hold You Back – We Can Help

Your digital marketing efforts can help you make sure that people in your area know where you are, and how you can help them address their oral health care needs. If you are depending on an older website to promote your practice, you can struggle to reach people. Updates to technology can help a website… Read more »

Should Your Business Be Using Social Media?

This is a question that every business owner faces in 2019 — whether you’re already using social media or not. You may have heard about the benefits of social media, and you may already understand that you should be leveraging this tool to your advantage. Then the issue becomes a matter of implementation. Using social… Read more »

The Value Of Schema Markup For Your Online Marketing Efforts

How much information can someone find about your practice on a search engine page? Not just through a search engine – on the search results page itself. Rich results can help you make sure someone has access to relevant information, like your physical address and phone number, from their search results. This can be useful… Read more »

Social Media Ideas for National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, a time to take stock of how your youngest patients are caring for their teeth. As someone who manages a practice, you know how important children’s dental health is. Good habits and experiences with a dentist can build a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. This is the… Read more »

How A Content Calendar Can Benefit Online Marketing Efforts

Smart SEO habits are about more than just what you share on your website – you should also think about when, and how often, you should post. Using a content calendar to plan your online activity can help you yield better results from your web presence. We use a content calendar to ensure your blog… Read more »

Adopt These Social Media Trends for Your Dental Practice

Social and digital marketing are fast-paced environments, because technology and the consumption patterns of users are ever-changing. That means that you always have to be ready to adapt. What social trends are on the rise in 2019? We’ve got a few pointers that will help your social media content stand out this year. These trends… Read more »

Is Your Practice Ready for Midwinter Meeting?

It’s Friday! Normally that would mean it’s time for a client feature on the blog, but today, we want to talk about an event that affects many of our clients from across the country. That’s because it’s almost time for Midwinter Meeting! This conference presents a valuable opportunity to participate in some continuing dental education… Read more »

What You Gain From Featuring The Right Links On Your Site

Certain website features can be surprisingly useful when it comes to making your page easier to find. When you think about your site’s SEO, and what you can do to improve it, you might not realize how beneficial it can be to include links in your content. Your links are good for helping visitors navigate… Read more »