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The Importance Of Accessibility For Your Website

Does your website’s design take accessibility into account? Overlooking accessibility when it comes to your practice’s website can lead to several issues. There is the immediate concern that people in your area may have a difficult time interacting with your page, which can push them away. You can have a harder time properly serving the… Read more »

Why We Use WordPress To Build Custom Websites

The idea of creating and maintaining a modern website can feel daunting. If you feel like your dental practice is served well by an older or simpler site, you should know that this decision can hurt your SEO. The ranking you enjoy in search results can be negatively affected if your site is slower to… Read more »

Is Your Website Overdue For A Redesign?

If you wanted to check something on your phone recently, you likely already noticed that Google redesigned its homepage on mobile platforms. When companies perform redesigns of their site, they can focus on creating an attractive, recognizable look, but they also pay attention to the way their update affects their site’s function. If you have… Read more »

A Better User Experience Can Improve Your SEO

If you want to improve your ranking in relevant searches, the experience users have on your site will matter. There are several efforts you should make if you want to improve your SEO, and increase your online visibility. Generating links and relevant content can have a positive impact, as can your ability to provide a… Read more »

What Can I Do If My Website Traffic Is Declining?

Your website’s worth lies in its ability to help you reach more people, and encourage more visitors to your practice. When your website traffic declines, this can be an understandable cause for alarm, particularly when there is no clear explanation for the drop in views. Your problem could be due to problems with your website… Read more »

Making The Best Use Of Your Before And After Photos

If you want to promote your practice, the use of before and after photos can help you effectively communicate the benefits of your work. Of course, if you want to promote your work online, you need to make sure you are taking the necessary steps to make your website SEO-friendly, and appealing to visitors. There… Read more »

Can My Website’s Age Affect My Online Visibility?

What would the age of your website have to do with your ability to reach people in your area? Older sites may feature JavaScript more heavily than modern pages, and that can affect their ability to convert properly to a mobile platform. If your site struggles to work well in a mobile platform, it can… Read more »

Local Listing Signals Help People In Your Area Find You

Steps that seem minor can make a big difference to your SEO when you set up your website. One problem that can affect your local visibility is the existence of confusing, misleading, or incomplete details about your practice, or conflicting contact and location information. Inaccurate listings can lower the rank given to you by search… Read more »

Does Your About Us Page Make A Good First Impression?

A warm welcome can make a first-time visitor to your practice feel comfortable, and encourage them to see their appointment in a positive light. Because so many potential patients are “meeting” you and your staff for the first time through your web presence, that initial greeting may not come directly from you. The About Us… Read more »

Has Your Site Been Upgraded To HTTPS Yet?

If your website has yet to make the move from HTTP to HTTPS, your rank in local search results could pay the price. Because HTTPS sites can offer a more secure, trustworthy user experience, Google can prioritize them, and place them closer to the top of a person’s search results. This change can also provide… Read more »