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Making Sure Your SEO Efforts Help You Reach Local People

Attracting more people to your website can be helpful. With that said, if you want your online presence to benefit your practice, you should be focused on making sure the people who find you are also close enough to you to make an appointment. Local SEO refers to efforts that help a website connect to… Read more »

NAP And Local SEO Help Connect You To People In Your Area

It can be hard to maintain an effective online marketing strategy if you are unsure of how to target people in your area. After all, the most important online visits you receive are from the people who live close enough by you to visit your practice. There are a few issues that need your attention… Read more »

Maintaining Successful Habits In The Changing World Of SEO

Is there a true consensus on what, exactly, you should be doing to make your online presence more effective at promoting your dental practice? While Google can sometimes frustrate people hoping to learn the “secrets” to better SEO, there are practices and issues that can consistently impact your visibility. We can work with you to… Read more »

Can Local Citations Help You Reach More People Online?

While the information on your website obviously matters, you also need to worry about the information about your practice that exists in other online settings. Citations refer to any references made to your practice’s name and address online. Google’s algorithm will use citations to help make its determination of where you should rank in local… Read more »

The Right Local Keywords Can Improve Your Visibility

While the idea of enjoying better SEO in general can be appealing, your most effective approach to growth involves reaching the potential patients already in your area. What can you do to make sure local searches regarding dental care lead people to your practice? With the right local keywords, you can make it clear to… Read more »

Should I Respond to that Automated Google Call?

In the digital age, everyone is a more savvy consumer. You recognize junk mail (your server does it for you too) and telemarketers from a mile away. However, when someone strikes the right nerve — say, by mentioning your business — it may pique your interest. If you’re a business owner, you’ve almost certainly received… Read more »

Is Your Site Prominent Enough To Attract Potential Patients?

You obviously want people in your area to find your website during relevant online searches. Part of that goal is simply to ensure you have effective SEO, and rank above other practices. You also need to make sure your website has more online prominence, meaning there are compelling reasons to see it as more worthy… Read more »

Are You Showing Up In Local “Near Me” Searches?

What do you need to do to make sure people near you are finding your practice when they search for dental care “near me”? When it comes to seeing value in search results, the proximity of the places a person finds can be important. If you want to make sure people who are close by… Read more »

Don’t Fall For Common Misconceptions About Local SEO

A thriving online presence can be important if you are looking to attract new patients, which is why an effective strategy for local SEO can be important. When you think about everything you have to address to maintain a successful practice, it may be hard to picture taking on the time and effort to make… Read more »

Improving Local SEO Efforts With Community Activity

If you want your dental practice to thrive, you should focus on ways to make yourself better known in your community. This focus on local engagement can help you build a strong reputation, and earn the trust of prospective patients. Putting efforts towards community involvement can also affect your local SEO. While it is important… Read more »