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Giving Local SEO Efforts The Attention They Deserve

Google and other search engines can recognize when a user wants to find nearby services, and can adjust the links they provide accordingly. The efforts you make to ensure your links appear in local searches is referred to as local SEO. While many websites have little to worry about when it comes to local search… Read more »

Do You Know What Search Engines Look For When Ranking Links?

What will it take to make sure that people find your website when they search for a dental practice, or want to find information about dental health? You can safely assume that people who have questions for the internet will turn to a search engine, and Google will often be their first resort. In the… Read more »

Take A More Effective Approach To Boosting Your Local SEO

When you make local SEO your priority, you can send clearer signals to search engines like Google that your site is particularly useful to people near your practice. As a result, users who want to find nearby dental services are more likely to find you in their search results. Local landing pages are used by… Read more »

Building Site Authority To Boost Your Local SEO

How do you balance a goal of creating a site people can trust with your focus on designing your page, and your website content, to reach as many people as possible? While it can feel like online marketing is all about attracting visitors, this mindset can end up limiting your ability to promote your dental… Read more »

Local SEO Can Provide More Value For Your Practice

Attracting the most visitors possible can essentially guarantee that your website can bring your new patients, and help your dental practice grow, right? You obviously benefit from having an online presence that people are likely to find, and visit. With that said, in terms of practical value, the ideal visitors are only those who live… Read more »

Making Sure Your SEO Efforts Help You Reach Local People

Attracting more people to your website can be helpful. With that said, if you want your online presence to benefit your practice, you should be focused on making sure the people who find you are also close enough to you to make an appointment. Local SEO refers to efforts that help a website connect to… Read more »

NAP And Local SEO Help Connect You To People In Your Area

It can be hard to maintain an effective online marketing strategy if you are unsure of how to target people in your area. After all, the most important online visits you receive are from the people who live close enough by you to visit your practice. There are a few issues that need your attention… Read more »

Maintaining Successful Habits In The Changing World Of SEO

Is there a true consensus on what, exactly, you should be doing to make your online presence more effective at promoting your dental practice? While Google can sometimes frustrate people hoping to learn the “secrets” to better SEO, there are practices and issues that can consistently impact your visibility. We can work with you to… Read more »

Can Local Citations Help You Reach More People Online?

While the information on your website obviously matters, you also need to worry about the information about your practice that exists in other online settings. Citations refer to any references made to your practice’s name and address online. Google’s algorithm will use citations to help make its determination of where you should rank in local… Read more »

The Right Local Keywords Can Improve Your Visibility

While the idea of enjoying better SEO in general can be appealing, your most effective approach to growth involves reaching the potential patients already in your area. What can you do to make sure local searches regarding dental care lead people to your practice? With the right local keywords, you can make it clear to… Read more »