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Modern Dental Marketing News: New Year, New Look!

Don’t be surprised when you visit this week and see an all-new look. It’s just our way of ringing in 2011! We’ve taken our own advice and invested in a logo that accurately represents our company. And we’ve said goodbye to blue. In our new logo, bold colors convey power and energy, while the retro hues and font convey solidity and longevity. We chose to incorporate boxes and offset type to impress the message that we think outside the box, but our ideas aren’t boxed in by traditional boundaries.

Happy Holidays!

Fingers are flying and keyboards are on fire as our creative elves stock up dentists’ blogs for the remainder of 2010, but we’re lightening the load by not posting on MDPM’s blog this week.

Two Fatal Words to Any Blog: “Hello World!”

A classic example is the blog. All WordPress blogs are automatically filled with one starter post titled, “Hello World!” When I’m surfing around the net and find a blog with this title, it’s like coming across a ghost town. As a consumer, my first thought is, If this dentist can’t manage his marketing, how can he manage to take care of my mouth?

Modern Dental Practice Marketing Announces New Employee & New Dental Writing Website

If you read our blog because you like the tips, but you prefer to do your own dental copywriting, you might like our sister blog, We’ve revamped Words for Dentists, and now it will feature important information about writing marketing copy for web and print. You’ll find all kinds of great scoop about dental blog writing, dental website content writing, composing press releases, flyers, print ads, and other important types of content marketing.