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Google Marketing Live Updates: What Should You Know?

The Google Marketing Live event reveals important information that can affect the future of SEO and online marketing in big ways. The opening day of the event led to helpful details about future products, and offered valuable insights into what digital marketers should focus on to enjoy continued success. These changes and developments are worth… Read more »

Is Your Practice Ready for Midwinter Meeting?

It’s Friday! Normally that would mean it’s time for a client feature on the blog, but today, we want to talk about an event that affects many of our clients from across the country. That’s because it’s almost time for Midwinter Meeting! This conference presents a valuable opportunity to participate in some continuing dental education… Read more »

Can Google Beacon Benefit Your Practice?

Can the Google Beacon help you provide a better experience for people who visit you online, or for patients who arrive for an appointment? This device makes it possible to provide more details about your location on Google Maps, and you can set it up to automatically send relevant information directly to someone’s phone when… Read more »

Does Your Website Need A Video?

Have you ever considered adding a video to your website? Doing so can offer a number of benefits, for SEO, patient retention, and appealing to potential new patients. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how we help our clients create professional looking videos without needing fancy equipment or a large budget.

Going Local Is The Key To Voice

It’s funny how fast technology can change, without us even giving much notice. For example, ten years ago vice search was something of the future, with the few voice programs that existed in laptops and computers being, well, pretty terrible. Now, we have Cortana, Alexa, Echo, and Siri. Now, we ask for movie times or… Read more »

New Study Shows The World Going Mobile

I feel like at least once a week we blog on this topic: The importance of being mobile-friendly. Every year, mobile grabs more and more attention as it moves towards being the primary means by which we visit the internet or search for businesses (and dental practices!). However, a new study shows that mobile has… Read more »

Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting

If you’re a dental professional looking for ways to network and keep up on the latest dental news, you only have two weeks left until the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting! Held every year, this meeting offers a chance for dentists and dental professionals to take courses, keep abreast of the advancements in dental materials and… Read more »

Ready For “Top Stories?”

At MDPM Consulting, we strive to stay on top of the latest news and changes from Google. Recently, Google made a major change to the way they showcase news. “In The News” debuted in 2014, presenting users with different news stories from multiple sources. Now, they have added “Top Stories,” which uses a style similar… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving From MDPM Consulting

We want to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! We’re very thankful for our clients and the opportunity to work with so many talented professionals. Have a great one, everybody! Need a new and better website, or want to learn how you can become a noticeable online presence? Do you have questions about… Read more »

How Does Section 1557 Impact Your Office?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a source of joy, frustration, and confusion since it was passed in 2010. We often talk about the ways the reform impacts medical doctors and insurance, but rarely do we hear about how the ACA affects dentistry. We were recently contacted by a client with concerns regarding how one specific… Read more »