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Respond to Google Reviews from Google Maps Desktop

Social tools and online review platforms give you an easy-to-use channel for communicating with customers and clients. You can receive direct feedback and use that feedback to inform your business practices. This tool makes it easier to communicate, but it also creates an obligation for you as the business owner. You need to respond to… Read more »

Approach Online Business Reviews with a Strategic Mindset

Whether your business is product- or service-oriented, you need to take a hands-on approach to managing your online reviews. That’s because online reviews are the easiest way to build your reputation, or destroy it if you’re not paying attention. You don’t have to sit idly by as online reviews happen — you have agency when… Read more »

Google Social? Reviews Are All You Need

Over the past five years, it seems like everyone has tried their hand at a social media platform. This type of online community building and interaction has changed how we interact with each other and brands as well. It makes sense that Google would dive into this space, hence their Google+ project that never really… Read more »

Monitoring Changes In Online And Social Media Reviews

The posting of online reviews can potentially help your practice. After all, people in your area who find you online can see glowing comments attached. Of course, the idea of a rating attached to your name – one you feel you have little control over – can be scary. Facebook is actually removing the ratings… Read more »

Anxious About Negative Google Reviews? Relax

No business wants to hear that its customer or client has had a negative experience. It’s easy to look at a negative experience as a failure. However, no business has a spotless record. You’re allowed to make mistakes and grow from them. When that negativity manifests itself as a negative Google review on your business… Read more »

Encourage Google Reviews to Build Your Online Reputation

As a service-oriented business in 2018, there are few things more important than your online reputation. What people say about your dental practice on the Internet goes a long way toward helping you bring in new clients. However, a poor online reputation (or a lack of one entirely) can keep new patients away. One of… Read more »

Helping You Maintain A Good Reputation Online

When people perform a search online for local dental care, they can find more than just a practice name and address. When a possible new patient finds you through Google, or another search engine, they can find online reviews that may affect their perception of you. Some may decide to peruse patient comments, while others… Read more »

How Do I Handle A Negative Review About My Practice?

While you may take a meticulous approach to managing the experience of each of your patients, negative reviews about your practice will still happen. Even the most proactive dental practices still have to address online criticism. And make no mistake, you should address it. Managing your online reputation is so important to the health of… Read more »

Learn More About Our Cup Of Coffee Campaign!

Reviews are essential for your online marketing strategy, since Google factors them into rankings and people look for them before visiting a new business. However, sometimes trying to earn them can be difficult. Fortunately, we have a special campaign to help encourage new reviews from patients!

How Do I Get My Patients To Leave Reviews?

We don’t visit any store or restaurant these days without first doing a little cursory research online. We look to see if there’s a website and of course, check out reviews. As a dentist, having little to no reviews can hurt if a practice a town over is swimming in four and five-star reviews. How… Read more »