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Taking Advantage Of Smart Website Optimization Strategies

If you want to make sure your online marketing efforts have real value for your practice, you need to be aware that some approaches to website development and management offer more SEO advantages than others. The right website optimization strategies can involve technical details, which make your links more appealing on Google results pages, and… Read more »

Should Site Content Be Made For People, Or Search Engines?

Your website content helps you extend your reach online, and connect with more people. To be effective, your content should be as visible as possible, which calls for higher rankings on Google and other search engines. With that in mind, is the right approach to focus on potential visitors, or on making your work as… Read more »

The Right Content Strategy For Better Search Engine Rankings

It can be hard to overlook the value of a higher ranking on search engines, particularly Google. People readily enter queries to have questions answered, and to locate people and services near them. Simply put, you want your site to have better SEO, because it makes you easier to find on Google. We can help… Read more »

Creating The Right Content Strategy For Site Visitors

For superior online marketing results, you need to find ways to appeal to both potential patients, and the search engine algorithms that affect your visibility. In many ways, creating a website that is attractive and useful to people can help you improve your SEO, as improved algorithms have found ways to prioritize quality site content…. Read more »

Improving Your Site’s EAT Can Make You Easier To Find Online

Google’s broad core algorithm update from August last year made changes emphasized the importance of a site’s EAT, or its Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. In other words, Google’s improvements sought to ensure that people were finding sites with more reliable information. Your goal with your online marketing is to turn site visitors into patients. Creating… Read more »

The Right Approach To SEO For Effective Online Marketing

When search engines make improvements, the goal is for those improvements to make useful information more available to their users. This is why SEO “tricks” that are more interested in your search engine ranking than the quality of your site can be ineffective, or even hurtful, to your online marketing efforts. We focus on organic… Read more »

The Value Of Schema Markup For Your Online Marketing Efforts

How much information can someone find about your practice on a search engine page? Not just through a search engine – on the search results page itself. Rich results can help you make sure someone has access to relevant information, like your physical address and phone number, from their search results. This can be useful… Read more »

SEO Efforts Can Make Your Site Better, And Easier To Find

If you think of search engine optimization as a way to “cheat” your way into a better search engine rank, you can misunderstand the true value of SEO. The right approach to your site’s design, features, and content can be good both for your online ranking, and visitors to your page. In fact, successive updates… Read more »

How Your Google My Business Listing Can Help Your Practice

Setting up your Google My Business listing can be important for your online marketing efforts, but you should take care to make sure your information is current, and accurate. Your local SEO efforts depend on Google and other search engines being confident in your location, meaning you want to avoid any incorrect information. Your Google… Read more »

What You Gain From Featuring The Right Links On Your Site

Certain website features can be surprisingly useful when it comes to making your page easier to find. When you think about your site’s SEO, and what you can do to improve it, you might not realize how beneficial it can be to include links in your content. Your links are good for helping visitors navigate… Read more »