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Easier Site Navigation Can Lead To Better User Experiences

As you continue to have quality content added to your website in the form of keyword- and user-centered blogs, you have more links that Google and other search engines can find, and recommend. Every new post is a new opportunity to address an oral health matter that may be immediately relevant to someone in your… Read more »

A Successful Site Redesign Can Preserve Your SEO Efforts

If you are concerned that your efforts to update your website might interfere with the work you have put in to boost your SEO, you can be understandably hesitant to even consider changes. Unfortunately, the life cycle of a website can be shorter than you might expect, and you can have a harder time reaching… Read more »

Doing The Right Research, And Making Better Keyword Choices

You might be well aware that keywords matter when it comes to your website’s success, but unsure of what role they play in helping people find you online. It can help to think about keywords as the phrases you expect people to use when they perform searches, or the kind of terms that answer common… Read more »

Domain Authority And SEO: What Do You Need To Know?

When evaluating your website, you can be focused on its presentation and content, but your main priority is likely how useful it is at reaching people. People who want to evaluate their site’s effectiveness in this regard can turn to their Domain Authority score. Domain Authority (DA) is meant to be a measure of a… Read more »

Make Sure People Can Use Your Site On Mobile Devices!

If your website is difficult to find, your practice can be overlooked by people in your area who are looking for dental care. If you want to boost your SEO, you need to take steps to ensure that your digital presence is easy for people to find. To do that, you need to be sure… Read more »

The Importance Of Creating The Right Keyword List

The properly developed keyword list can help you make sure that people searching online for dental care find your site. Establishing the right keywords will be important for your SEO efforts. When they are added, they make it easier for Google and other search engines understand what topics are closely associated with the content you… Read more »

Have Your SEO Efforts Been Hurt By Google’s Indexing Issues?

Recent troubles with Google’s indexing may have disrupted your ability to reach people with your website. While the company recently announced that the matter has been resolved, past issues have been acknowledged as a potential problem, though the problem is something Google is addressing. The trouble with issues like this is that if something out… Read more »

Can People Find Your Practice Using Voice Search?

Google makes regular algorithm updates that can affect the rank of websites. While it is important to keep up with these changes, it is also important to recognize that this is only one of several factors that can impact SEO efforts. To stay visible online, you should also pay attention to changes in search trends,… Read more »

Providing Relevant Site Content For Potential Patients

While the latest craze in the world of dental care is not likely to become one of the absolute top trends online, it is true that some oral health matters can acquire more buzz than others. While your goal with online marketing is focused on introducing yourself (and your services) to local people, you should… Read more »

The Importance Of Meta Data For Boosting Your Website’s SEO

Adding meta data to your website provides additional information that can make your links look more appealing in search engine results pages (SERPs). The inclusion of this information lets you share a “preview” of what people can find on your link, and more information about your practice. Is this something you currently keep up with?… Read more »