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Understanding SEO, And The Importance Of Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a matter of real concern for anyone who wants to promote themselves, or their work, online. If you are interested in advertising your dental practice online, your SEO efforts can dictate how effective your site is at reaching people in your area. There are many different factors that can… Read more »

Maintaining Successful Habits In The Changing World Of SEO

Is there a true consensus on what, exactly, you should be doing to make your online presence more effective at promoting your dental practice? While Google can sometimes frustrate people hoping to learn the “secrets” to better SEO, there are practices and issues that can consistently impact your visibility. We can work with you to… Read more »

2019 Could Bring Technology Updates That Impact Your SEO

As the next year approaches, you should start thinking about what you can do to prepare for the changes 2019 will bring. When it comes to marketing your practice online, there are changes that can affect you that seem out of your control. For instance, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, your… Read more »

It’s Time To Start Thinking About Your SEO Strategy For 2019

While we all love taking a little time to relax around the holidays, the start of a new year means facing potential new challenges. If you want to maintain successful SEO efforts, you need to look for ways to stay on top of changes that can affect your online visibility. Of course, the trouble people… Read more »

Maintaining Your Web Traffic After Google Updates Occur

When you see an unexpected change in your web traffic, you may be witnessing the effect of a Google update. The company can make adjustments to its algorithm that potentially impact your visibility, though the nature of those changes may be hard to track. So how should you respond in the event of an update?… Read more »

Organic SEO Efforts Can Provide Consistent Benefits

What does a successful approach to online marketing look like? It can be easy to describe the preferred outcome to your efforts to promote your dental practice – have more people learn about your practice, and turn site visitors into new patients. The challenge can be in identifying what strategy is most effective at providing… Read more »

The Value Of Establishing An Online Presence Before Opening

Why should you consider promoting your practice before you officially open your doors for patients? Early promotion can offer SEO benefits, and generally help you spread awareness in time for when you do open. In the past, one drawback to this strategy was that Google My Business listings could not be established until a location… Read more »

The Right Ranking Factors Can Lead To Better SEO Efforts

Your goal with your online presence is to effectively promote your practice, and create new dental patients. Your SEO efforts can make you easier to find in relevant searches, which can lead to more site traffic. So what should you do to make sure you enjoy a higher ranking in local online searches? You might… Read more »

Can Search Engine Algorithm Changes Hurt Your Site Traffic?

Search engines, particularly Google, are often key to finding information about people and services in your area. When you promote your dental practice online, you can be discovered by more people in your area when you maintain a site that benefits from effective search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Of course, your SEO can change over… Read more »

Is Your Site Vulnerable To Problems That Impact Web Traffic?

Your goal with your site should be to reach as many people in your area as you can, so that your practice and services are better known. Your web traffic measures how many people are visiting your site – when traffic starts declining, you can understandably worry about the effectiveness of your online presence. This… Read more »