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What Happens When Google Issues Affect Your Visibility?

Google recently shared news of a bug that interfered with the search engine’s ability to index new content. This is not the first time that the problem has come up – back in May, they reported having the same issue. While it may be a little alarming to hear that even Google runs into technical… Read more »

Your Local Business Website Matters

At this point, everyone knows they need a website. Websites help new clients find you. Without a website, it’s difficult to give people a concise place to find information about your business. Plus, when you own and operate a website, you can track things like search traffic and clicks to see how many people are… Read more »

The Importance Of Understanding The Search Results Page

Using Google and other search engines is simple enough, right? All you have to do is enter text based on the information you want, and you can find a list of links that can help you. When it comes to your online marketing needs, you need to be aware that search engines now provide far… Read more »

What Does Google’s Indexing Bug Mean for You?

Almost every business owner needs a website to effectively market his or her product. Your website is like a digital business card; it’s your introduction to new clients. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) has become such an important practice. You want your website to rank highly in Google searches so that people in need… Read more »

Respond to Google Reviews from Google Maps Desktop

Social tools and online review platforms give you an easy-to-use channel for communicating with customers and clients. You can receive direct feedback and use that feedback to inform your business practices. This tool makes it easier to communicate, but it also creates an obligation for you as the business owner. You need to respond to… Read more »

How Your Google My Business Listing Can Help Your Practice

Setting up your Google My Business listing can be important for your online marketing efforts, but you should take care to make sure your information is current, and accurate. Your local SEO efforts depend on Google and other search engines being confident in your location, meaning you want to avoid any incorrect information. Your Google… Read more »

Google My Business Descriptions Are Back

Google recently dropped a piece of news that’s huge for business owners. The “business description” portion of Google My Business profiles is now back. That means that you can update and manage the description of your business that appears when people find your business online. This gives you the opportunity to describe yourself and add… Read more »

Google Social? Reviews Are All You Need

Over the past five years, it seems like everyone has tried their hand at a social media platform. This type of online community building and interaction has changed how we interact with each other and brands as well. It makes sense that Google would dive into this space, hence their Google+ project that never really… Read more »

What Questions Are Your Dental Patients Asking?

As a dentist, you’re addressing the medical needs of your patients. Although it looks and feels different than retail or a restaurant, you are in the service industry. You want your patients to feel like they can get the help they need. A welcoming care environment full of friendly faces can help you achieve this… Read more »

Google+ Is Gone, But Google Reviews Are Here to Stay

You may have seen the headlines popping up over the last couple of weeks, but in case you missed it, Google+ has officially shut down. The social platform housed by the search giant Google was largely considered a failure, as very few users and developers adopted the platform. If you had been using a Google+… Read more »