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What Questions Are Your Dental Patients Asking?

As a dentist, you’re addressing the medical needs of your patients. Although it looks and feels different than retail or a restaurant, you are in the service industry. You want your patients to feel like they can get the help they need. A welcoming care environment full of friendly faces can help you achieve this… Read more »

Google+ Is Gone, But Google Reviews Are Here to Stay

You may have seen the headlines popping up over the last couple of weeks, but in case you missed it, Google+ has officially shut down. The social platform housed by the search giant Google was largely considered a failure, as very few users and developers adopted the platform. If you had been using a Google+… Read more »

Should I Respond to that Automated Google Call?

In the digital age, everyone is a more savvy consumer. You recognize junk mail (your server does it for you too) and telemarketers from a mile away. However, when someone strikes the right nerve — say, by mentioning your business — it may pique your interest. If you’re a business owner, you’ve almost certainly received… Read more »

How Can You Determine If An Algorithm Update Affects You?

If you keep up with trends and changes that affect search results, you may be familiar with the algorithm updates made by Google at the beginning of August. The August update was what is known as a core update, meaning it made adjustments to the main algorithm driving search result rankings. Because the latest changes… Read more »

Anxious About Negative Google Reviews? Relax

No business wants to hear that its customer or client has had a negative experience. It’s easy to look at a negative experience as a failure. However, no business has a spotless record. You’re allowed to make mistakes and grow from them. When that negativity manifests itself as a negative Google review on your business… Read more »

Can Google Beacon Benefit Your Practice?

Can the Google Beacon help you provide a better experience for people who visit you online, or for patients who arrive for an appointment? This device makes it possible to provide more details about your location on Google Maps, and you can set it up to automatically send relevant information directly to someone’s phone when… Read more »

Consider This Before Changing Your Dental Practice Hours

Consistency is key when it comes to both product- and service-oriented businesses. You want your clients to be able to count on what you offer. When you manage a dental practice, that means giving your patients the best service possible. Creating a comfortable care environment filled with friendly staff helps your patients feel welcome. Knowledgeable… Read more »

Will Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update Affect Your Site?

On August 1, Google’s broad core algorithm update went into effect, which impacted the relative rankings of different sites in online searches. When algorithm updates take place, the overall intent is to help people find the most helpful sites when they enter a query. The August 1 algorithm updates appear to have affected sites that… Read more »

Will Google’s Quality Raters Help Or Hurt Your Site?

While Google uses sophisticated algorithms to automatically generate query results, the company’s Quality Raters can offer a human perspective on rankings. Quality Raters perform reviews of various search results yielded from different searches. Because they want to put an emphasis on credibility, they look for evidence that top-ranking sites are connected to reputable people or… Read more »

Have You Looked At Your Google My Business Listing?

For our clients, we always claim and manage their Google My Business listing. However, if you aren’t a client of ours and you haven’t claimed your page, you should do so. When someone looks for a dentist in your community, they’re likely to come across your GMB page. If the information isn’t accurate, you could… Read more »