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An Active Social Media Presence Can Benefit Your Practice

Why should you bother with a social media presence for your practice? What can you do with your social networking pages that you are unable to do with your website? Businesses are finding more and more success online, particularly when they engage with people over active social media accounts. These pages allow you to communicate… Read more »

Developing Personal Content for Social Media

As a business owner, if you aren’t operating and maintaining social media pages for your business, it’s time to explore this option! Creating a community where clients and customers can find you and engage with your product or service — that’s an incredible asset for any business to have. If you do have social pages… Read more »

Monitoring Changes In Online And Social Media Reviews

The posting of online reviews can potentially help your practice. After all, people in your area who find you online can see glowing comments attached. Of course, the idea of a rating attached to your name – one you feel you have little control over – can be scary. Facebook is actually removing the ratings… Read more »

Identifying The Best Times To Post On Social Media

If you want your social media efforts to truly support your practice, coming up with the right posts – while important – is not the only piece of the puzzle. One issue many people can overlook is whether or not you are posting at the right times. Even as social media sites have moved away… Read more »

How To Build Your Practice’s Social Media Presence

Most business owners understand that they could benefit from social media, or they’ve heard that they should be using these tools. However, if you’re not currently using social media, starting can feel overwhelming. How do you get started? What do you have to say? As these questions pile up, it can be easier to just… Read more »

Making Sure Social Media Benefits Your Practice

Have you looked to social media as a way boost the visibility of your practice? Are you relying on it to communicate with your current patients? While it can seem ever-present in our personal lives, you may have overlooked the ways in which a business profile for your practice can help you. With a business… Read more »

Social Media Builds Awareness, Not SEO

If your business relies on a website (and let’s face it, who’s doesn’t in 2018?), then you’ve got to be tuned into search engine optimization. You need the infrastructure of your website to stay in tip-top shape so that search engines like Google show your business to those who are looking for it. A useful,… Read more »

Creating A Plan For Your Social Media Activity

Are you taking advantage of your social media presence to connect with patients, and reach new people in your area? You might be surprised at how effective the right posts can be when it comes to supporting your practice. We have clients who make the most of their social networking efforts by letting us (and… Read more »

What To Expect From The New Facebook Business Page Template

Your Facebook Business Page gives you another opportunity to be found by potential patients, and it gives you more opportunities to communicate with the people who already visit you. When your page is well-maintained, and you take care to share engaging, useful content, you can rely on social media to help you grow your practice…. Read more »

Trouble On Social Media Can Hurt Your Business

When your pages are used effectively, your social media presence can help you grow your practice, share important information, and help patients feel connected to you and your staff. While you can benefit from your social media activity, your practice can also be hurt when controversial posts are made on your page, or by employees…. Read more »