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We Can Help You Use Facebook To Better Promote Your Practice

You can safely assume that people in your area will go online to search for nearby dental practices. With the right website, and the right approach to SEO, you can count on more people finding you online. With our help, you can start attracting more patients thanks to a revitalized digital presence, engaging site content,… Read more »

Is Your Dental Practice on Instagram?

Digital marketing is all about determining your audience and catering to it. That’s especially in a sphere like social media. Most businesses utilize at least a Facebook page as part of their social presence. However, an eMarketer report says that the average user time spent on Facebook per day is decreasing. In contrast, the average… Read more »

Is Your Website Working in Concert with Social Media?

Digital marketing is most effective when you have a strategy in place, because a strategy can guide each of the moves you make. Your digital content tactics may include social media, your website, email blasts, targeted advertising, and blogging. Each of those tactics can have its own benefit, but they should all be working to… Read more »

Optimize Your Social Media Content for Your Audience

The beautiful thing about the social media audience that you build for your brand is that it is unique. It’s an audience of real people with preferences, and when you cater to those preferences, you can engage that audience and steer them toward action. However, when you rail against those preferences, you may turn off… Read more »

Relying On Social Media To Support Your Practice Online

If you feel that a social media presence holds little value for your dental practice, you can miss out on important opportunities to boost your visibility online. With the right approach to social networking, you can expand your reach, manage your practice’s reputation, and create stronger connections with your current patients. If you are unsure… Read more »

Can Facebook Pixel Help You With Your Online Marketing?

You can find tools that help you track the success of your online advertising. For instance, Facebook Pixel allows you to keep up with the impact your paid Facebook ads are having, and see how much attention for your practice’s website these ads really generate. Of course, having that information, and knowing what to do… Read more »

How Is Your Social Media Activity Affecting Your SEO?

When you maintain an effective social media presence, you can successfully engage with your patients, and strengthen your relationship with them. What you might not realize is how effective your social media activity can be towards reaching potential patients, and making the website for your practice more visible. While the two may seem like separate… Read more »

Check Out Our Photo Booth In A Box!

What are you currently doing to make sure your social media presence is supporting your practice? Your profiles on sites like Facebook and Instagram create opportunities to generate more links for your site, and share attractive posts that can grab the attention of potential patients. Your activity can also encourage your current patients to feel… Read more »

Using Social Media Activity To Influence Your SEO

Is it really possible to boost your website’s SEO without making direct changes to the site? You can find exciting opportunities to improve your online visibility by making better use of your profiles on different social media accounts. These accounts give you new spaces to promote your practice, and help people feel more connected to… Read more »

Is it Time to Outsource Your Social Media Management?

You’re probably well aware that your business needs to use social media. Social media consists of many free platforms that you can use to brand your business and communicate with customers and clients. Why wouldn’t you take advantage? However, once you sit down to really evaluate how you’re going to use social media, it becomes… Read more »