Category: Technical SEO

Understanding Redirects, And Their Impact On Your SEO

The average life cycle of a website is typically three to four years, and a site owner can institute several updates and other changes in that period. Over time, you can find that you need to redirect people to new links for various reasons. Are you arranging the “right” kind of redirect in these situations?… Read more »

Your Site’s Technical Features Can Be Important To Your SEO

The content you produce on your site can have a large influence on your efforts to boost your SEO, and make connections with more people in your area looking for dental care. Sharing posts on your website that effectively use links and keywords – while also giving users meaningful information – can help your overall… Read more »

Pay Attention To Your SERP Info To Improve Your SEO Efforts

The right measures can boost your SEO, which makes you easier to find when people near you search online for dental care, or search for answers to their smile concerns. What you might not realize is that your ability to attract potential patients can be affected by what people find when they discover your link…. Read more »

Taking Advantage Of Smart Website Optimization Strategies

If you want to make sure your online marketing efforts have real value for your practice, you need to be aware that some approaches to website development and management offer more SEO advantages than others. The right website optimization strategies can involve technical details, which make your links more appealing on Google results pages, and… Read more »

The Right Content Strategy For Better Search Engine Rankings

It can be hard to overlook the value of a higher ranking on search engines, particularly Google. People readily enter queries to have questions answered, and to locate people and services near them. Simply put, you want your site to have better SEO, because it makes you easier to find on Google. We can help… Read more »

An Active, SEO-Friendly Web Presence Can Reach More People

Because Google can focus major updates on correcting or improving on certain issues, it can be easy to assume a downturn in site traffic is the result of these changes. While you certainly want to know what is happening with algorithm updates, your site’s dwindling numbers may be due to a lack of common, and… Read more »

Make Sure Your Website Is Easy To Visit On Mobile Devices

Mobile devices continue to offer amazing convenience, and people are increasingly reliant on them to manage tasks, and search for information online. Because of this, you should certainly expect to find people in your area who will reach for their phone when they have a question about dental care, or an interest in finding a… Read more »

Using Rich Snippets To Improve Your SEO

What are rich snippets doing to help you improve your SEO? These short blurbs help your website, but the results are visible somewhere else – these details enrich your site’s links in Google results. Essentially, when someone is looking for which link to click, a site that takes advantage of rich snippets can have additional… Read more »

We Can Make Sure Your Website Is Built For Better SEO

What do you need to do to make sure search engines like Google see value in your site, and recommend you when people in your area search matters related to dental care? Good search engine optimization, or SEO, can be key if you want to successfully attract potential patients to your practice through your website…. Read more »

Social Media Builds Awareness, Not SEO

If your business relies on a website (and let’s face it, who’s doesn’t in 2018?), then you’ve got to be tuned into search engine optimization. You need the infrastructure of your website to stay in tip-top shape so that search engines like Google show your business to those who are looking for it. A useful,… Read more »