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4 Local SEO Tips For 2017

We’re getting ready to finally leave 2016 in the past! Each year is a new opportunity to adapt and improve your approach to SEO (search engine optimization), and online marketing. What plans have you made for 2017? We have a few suggestions for improving your local SEO strategy in the upcoming new year.

Do You Have Questions About Microsites?

Over the past year, more and more clients have expressed an interest in microsites. We think this is great, and not just because we’re building them. For anyone trying to create a successful online marketing strategy, operating a microsite can offer benefits for SEO (search engine optimization) and help solidify a doctor’s online reputation as… Read more »

MDPM Consulting Hosts 2016 Writers’ Workshop

Each year, MDPM Consulting hosts a writers’ workshop. Today, our copywriters will gather at the office to discuss their work, what steps can be taken to improve their copy, and how we’ll be approaching blogs and website copy in the new year. This year, we have a lot planned for our workshop, and a number… Read more »

Two Major SEO Trends To Prepare For In 2017

While we believe focusing on strong, original content improves search engine optimization regardless of what changes the new year brings, there are still changes you may need to make to help prepare your practice. In 2017, experts say we can look forward to a greater reliance on voice search and mobile devices from users. Do… Read more »

Try Our Content Marketing Quiz

At MDPM Consulting, we believe content marketing can help improve SEO (search engine optimization), as well as your online reputation and, as a result, attract new clients. However, in order to reap the benefits, you need to sow quality content. Take today’s quiz to find out more details. In addition, if you have any further questions… Read more »

Ready For A New Social Media Approach In 2017?

2016 is almost over, can you believe it? Since 2016 spent most its time kicking us in the shins, we’re all eager for a new start and a new year. As a practice owner, this may mean making changes to how you run your business and how you maintain your online presence. With the new… Read more »

Is There A Perfect Blog Format?

For many dental professionals and business owners, blogging is difficult. After all, you may understand that maintaining a blog helps search engine optimization (SEO), but how do you find the time to write them? Once you find the time, how do you get started? Is there a perfect format you should adhere to, and what… Read more »

Bob Rossi Featured On Dentaltown

In our blog, we often like to focus on our clients and the awesome people we work with, from highlighting their recent accomplishments to announcing changes at their practices. This week, Bob Rossi, who works with a few of our clients, was featured on Dentaltown’s Dentistry Uncensored podcast.

Common Social Media Mistakes

We believe that by engaging clients on social media you can impact your search engine optimization (SEO) and, as a result, help your business grow. However, many practice owners may not be aware of the best ways to reach out on social media. Even though we offer a free kit to our clients with a… Read more »

Reviews: Yelp Vs. Google

We’ve discussed in our blogs the importance of accurate and positive testimonials. They can help improve rankings and improve your reputation, making people in your community much more likely to seek out your services. However, there are quite a few options online for your patients to leave their thoughts and experiences, such as Yelp. Does… Read more »