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What Happened To My Google Reviews?

Have you recently noticed your Google reviews aren’t showing up? We understand that motivating patients to leave their thoughts can be difficult, so to see testimonials essentially disappear can be very frustrating. In fact, we recently had a client complain to us about seeing Google reviews filtered out. What happened to them? What can be… Read more »

What 2017 Marketing Trends Should You Expect?

Every year our approach to SEO (search engine optimization) and content marketing evolves, as it should. With 2016 quickly coming to a close, what can we expect in 2017? How will marketing trends change, and what should your practice do to keep up? Understanding the way these trends are expected to evolve is crucial for… Read more »

Does Your Practice And Domain Need Different Names?

Naming your practice can be a difficult task. After all, this name will represent you and your practice to your entire community. Once you do this, you don’t need a separate name for your website domain, do you? In many cases, you may actually benefit from having one name for your domain and a different one… Read more »

What Should You Blog About For The Holidays?

With Halloween over and November in full swing, the holiday season is officially upon us. As a dentist, your blog is a unique way to reach your patients with promotions and information about oral health care. But what should you blog about during the holidays?

Do You Need Help With Your Logo?

Of all the design aspects involved with branding your practice, the logo can be the most confusing and frustrating. After all, a good one can instantly reflect the atmosphere and often the services that you provide. A poor one can be forgettable at best and at worst, off-putting. Do you need help with your logo?… Read more »

Client Feature Friday: Nolan Bellasario, DMD

Welcome to Client Feature Friday! Friday is our favorite blogging day of the week because we use our Friday blogs to showcase our clients and their achievements. Today, we’re looking at the recently updated and redesigned website for Dr. Nolan Bellasario and Dr. Todd Pizzi’s new practice.

3 Ways To Start Building Your Reputation

According to a study released by Digital Intelligence Today, 92 percent of consumers trust their peers over a brand when it comes to services or products. That means if you have a poor reputation, people are less likely to seek your services,  even if your SEO, search engine optimization, and  your social media strategy are both… Read more »

What Review Site Should You Use?

We’ve discussed how reviews can have a positive impact on your search engine optimization, or SEO. In fact, we’ve discussed different ways to encourage people to leave testimonials about their experiences at your office, such as offering promotions or asking satisfied patients to leave their thoughts. However, there are quite a few sites that you… Read more »

What Is Your Office Doing For The Holidays?

Today is Halloween, which means tomorrow the holiday season begins. The fall and winter play host to a number of holidays. What will your office being doing to celebrate? By offering fun events, taking part in community activities, and sharing content on social media, you can help draw attention to your practice.

Client Feature Friday: Illume Dental

Hello and welcome again to our favorite blogging day of the week, Client Feature Friday. On Fridays, we highlight one of our clients and their new website, redesign, or a unique promotion their office is offering. Today, we’re looking at Dr. Eileen Chen-Mizuuchi’s new website for Illume Dental. Dr. Chen’s site is an example of… Read more »