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Facebook & Social Networking Tips for Dentists

The Facebook movie, The Social Network, will be in theaters this October. America Has Talent is doing a show on the best of YouTube. Tosh.0 has almost 1.5 million Facebook fans. Half of all Americans use Facebook. Listen, Doc, I don’t want to bring you down, but if you don’t see that social networking is… Read more »

The Dentist’s Weekend Warrior Marketing Tip

Here is a marketing idea you can implement by 10:00 Monday morning.  It is virtually free, and would only take about an hour of your time to set up. The only catch is you have to act NOW! As every new school year begins, local communities hold school supply drives.   A great way to get… Read more »

The Life of a Dental Blog Post

I often post about how wonderful blogs are for your dental marketing strategy. But what I’ve not yet told you is where blog posts go… Why are they so important? Your blog posts last forever. They never die. When we publish a post on your MDPM blog site, we include keywords in the text, then… Read more »

The Dentist’s Target Market

Wondering where to start with a marketing strategy for your dental practice? You do not want to spin your wheels; your time is way too precious. Planning is important. So, to quote Disney’s 1951 rendition of Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice in Wonderland, “Well, start at the beginning, and when you get to the end…stop.” But… Read more »

It’s Alive! Announcing MDPM Dental Website Blogs Launching This Week

It’s alive, and it’s going to wreak havoc on local Internet marketing! Aggggh! We’re not scared. We’re excited (!!!) to announce two new MDPM blog websites hitting the ‘net this week, one for Buckhead dentist Dr. Peter Pate and the other for Livonia dentist Dr. James Stewart. Yay! All of our dental website blogs come… Read more »

Writing a Dental Practice Mission Statement & Tag Line

I sell blogs. You sell dental services. Who do we sell to? People. Who pays us? People. Who do our services help? People. We should never, ever forget that business is about the people, and people want excellent service for their hard-earned dollars. From the initial phone call to the proactive follow-up to the warm… Read more »

Why an MDPM Blog is Excellent for Your Dental Practice Publicity

At one of my favorite SEO info sites,, Gabriella Sannino tells us, “At this point in SEO and search engine placement, site optimization builds the foundation, but linking and fresh content is absolutely necessary to stay on top.” This is precisely why you should keep your main website and add an MDPM blog. Our… Read more »

Guest Blog: 5 Key Questions Your Dental Practice Must Answer!

Today we have a guest blogger, Cathy Warschaw, of Warschaw Learning Institute. I hope you find her insight useful to the success of your practice! Have you ever walked into a patient’s room and asked, “How are you Mrs. Smith?” only to learn you were speaking to Mrs. Jones? Has your office ever mistakenly billed… Read more »

The Dentist’s Weekend Warrior Marketing Tip

Hey dentists, are you going to see live music this weekend? Here’s a local marketing tip you may get a real kick out of trying. Go up to the band and give them $20 to dedicate this song to “all of dr. (you)’s wonderful patients – dr. (you)’s office is located in (city) at (address).”… Read more »

SERP’s Up: How to Move Dental Websites Higher on Google

A SERP is a search engine results page. When you type words (keywords) into Google to find a website, the page that comes up with all the results is a SERP. If you want to be on page one with Google for particular keywords, you have to do some serious Internet marketing strategizing. You can… Read more »