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Dentists, Websites, Blogs, and RSS Feeds

Today I want to talk with you about RSS feeds. You’ve probably seen this little icon on the right and wondered, What’s that orange thing? It’s the RSS icon. What the heck is an RSS icon, and why should a dentist care? Let me explain.

Dental Website Blog Tips for Great SEO Rankings

Do you have a dental website? A blog? If you’re a blogging dentist, you may already know the importance of SEO and building up backlinks through comments and link swapping. Sounds like Greek to you? It’s not! Here’s a little rundown, a Blogging 101 class, to get you started. I’ll define SEO, blog, blog comments,… Read more »

Balance and Harmony in Dental Marketing

People crave balance… a balanced diet, a balanced bank account. It makes sense. When we have balance and harmony, things just work better. Take, for instance, oral health. When teeth, gums, occlusion, jaw joints, muscles, and nerves are in total balance, the mouth functions at peak capacity—comfortably, fully, and efficiently. Another example is in the… Read more »

Internet Real Estate: How Dentists Can Own the Whole Town

One word: Starbucks. It’s synonymous with coffee. Just a few short years ago, you couldn’t move a block in any direction without running into one, and inevitably, you needed a $4 coffee at the time. Heck, you’re still greeted by the heavy aroma of fresh coffee when you enter Albertson’s or Target. Starbucks may be… Read more »

5 Tips for Orthodontist Websites

People know a lot about technology these days, but they don’t necessarily know a lot about orthodontics. In an instant, they can go online and Google just about anything, though. So what can your orthodontic website have that other sites don’t offer?  If you want potential patients to like your website (and call your office,… Read more »

Dental Website Photography: The Essentials

A website allows you the opportunity to meet new patients on their turf, on their home computer or smart phone. This is your time to shine. For an instant (hopefully longer) you have a potential patient’s full attention. What’s going to make that individual stay on your site and look around? Certainly not the same stock photos they’ve seen on every other dentist’s website. Original, professional photography will set you apart.

Affordable Dental Websites. Excellent Customer Service. Finally.

We honestly believe that once you see how well the Modern Dental Practice Marketing program works, you’ll stick with us. Forever. So, we keep startup costs, and monthly costs, to a minimum. Some website companies charge thousands, literally, with piled-up monthly fees for writing blogs, optimization, support, hosting, and other services. While we can create… Read more »

A Fool-Proof Strategy for Effective Dental Marketing

What do you do for dental advertising? Direct mail? Local magazines? Newspaper? Advertising is the impersonal approach to promoting your business. What do you do for dental marketing? Do you have a brand? Website? Social networking? Blog? Marketing is a developed, well implemented plan that brings your business together with patients for the benefit of… Read more »

For Dentists Who Want to be Number One on Google

An article published on Open Forum for Small Business perfectly describes why you need dental blog websites in addition to your main dental practice site. Here’s an overview: You don’t have to be #1 on Google, but being in more than one position for listings 2 – 9 is a great plan. People usually skip… Read more »

Marketing Sleep Apnea Dentistry and Other Special Services with a Blog Website

Most dentists have something special they want to promote. Most recently, sleep apnea and snoring therapy seems to be the trend. However, dental implants, neuromuscular dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry are also popular adjunct services to bread-and-butter dentistry. Your general dentistry services keep your practice going, but new and exciting innovations in the dental field can… Read more »