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Reasons To Take Cosmetic Website Updates Seriously

When it comes to the look of your website, cosmetic changes should not be thought of as minor. You could find that your new change makes another aspect of your website feel out place, or you could feel that an update has less impact than you hoped to see. You can quickly discover that a… Read more »

Is Your Website Compliant With Accessibility Standards?

What are your responsibilities concerning ADA compliance and your website? Failing to keep up with compliance standards can make it more difficult for some of your potential patients to use your site, and decide if they should schedule an appointment at your practice. While there is no clear penalty for failing to meet ADA compliance,… Read more »

Using Video Banners On Your Website

Many modern sites are relying on video banners to greet visitors to their home page. One of our clients, Dr. Cabal, now has a video banner on his site, which quickly introduces people to his practice. The right video can be a great addition to your website. In addition to giving your page a modern,… Read more »

Selecting The Right Colors For Your Website Design

Pantone’s color of the year is Living Coral, a warm coral tone that manages to be eye-catching and mellow at the same time. We recently used coral in a new website design for one of our clients – the new page replaces an older site that had been effective in the past, but was no… Read more »

The Importance Of Accessibility For Your Website

Does your website’s design take accessibility into account? Overlooking accessibility when it comes to your practice’s website can lead to several issues. There is the immediate concern that people in your area may have a difficult time interacting with your page, which can push them away. You can have a harder time properly serving the… Read more »

Why We Use WordPress To Build Custom Websites

The idea of creating and maintaining a modern website can feel daunting. If you feel like your dental practice is served well by an older or simpler site, you should know that this decision can hurt your SEO. The ranking you enjoy in search results can be negatively affected if your site is slower to… Read more »

Is Your Website Overdue For A Redesign?

If you wanted to check something on your phone recently, you likely already noticed that Google redesigned its homepage on mobile platforms. When companies perform redesigns of their site, they can focus on creating an attractive, recognizable look, but they also pay attention to the way their update affects their site’s function. If you have… Read more »

The Right Website Design Should Be Attractive And Functional

When you think of a website as being designed well, are you thinking about the way it looks, or how easy it is to use? If you want to support your practice with a website that truly appeals to potential patients, you need to think about the form and function of your design. A website… Read more »

Does Your About Us Page Make A Good First Impression?

A warm welcome can make a first-time visitor to your practice feel comfortable, and encourage them to see their appointment in a positive light. Because so many potential patients are “meeting” you and your staff for the first time through your web presence, that initial greeting may not come directly from you. The About Us… Read more »

Client Feature: Robert M. Browne DDS

It’s Friday, which means we want to give a special shoutout to one of our clients. We love hearing and sharing the success stories of dental practices across the country, and we’re always excited to share new tips for what you could be doing to help your practice grow. Today we’re featuring Robert M. Browne… Read more »