Client Feature: Dr. Tyko

Hey hey, it’s that time again. It’s Friday, and in the new year, that still means we’re giving shout outs to some of the amazing dentists with which we get to work! We love seeing dental practices from across the country implement smart digital strategies and succeed. Today’s client feature lends a spotlight to a talented oral surgeon! Dr. Leonard Tyko specializes in restoring smiles through oral surgery. He was featured as part of an article in the Press Democrat, where he shared his expertise in creating implant-retained dentures. Congrats Dr. Tyko and Santa Rosa Oral Surgery!

Positioning Yourself as an Expert Helps You Increase Credibility

If you’ve got a particular set of skills (not like a Liam Neeson set of skills, but a dental expertise), then you should share that information with potential patients. That means making sure your specialities are highlighted on your website — like Dr. Tyko has done. It also means taking opportunities to share your knowledge and expertise. That’s what we love about Dr. Tyko’s appearance in the Press Democrat article. He took an opportunity to talk about a topic that he’s passionate about, and it helps boost his credibility and his practice’s!

Appearing In Other Online Forums Can Drive Website Traffic

Dr. Tyko was able to position himself as an expert during his article appearance, but giving his input also increases visibility for his practice. When someone reads an article where you’re sharing knowledge and helpful information, the reader is more likely to investigate your practice. “Where does Dr. Tyko practice surgery?” they might ask. This is organic reach that tends to be much more effective than advertising.

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