Client Feature Friday

shrewsbury micro siteEach Friday, we feature a client who recently launched a new aspect of his or her web presence. Why? So that we can congratulate our valued clients on taking their websites to the next level and to show how we work with our clients to design and execute online marketing plans to fit their unique needs and reach their target audiences.

We created a website and have been blogging for Dr. Todd Pizzi of Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, for quite some time now. Just recently, however, Dr. Pizzi’s new cosmetic micro site launched, and we’re so excited for him and his team!

How did Dr. Pizzi know a micro site was the next step in his online marketing strategy? The blog posts on Dr. Pizzi’s main website have always been focused on cosmetic procedures, and the Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury team decided they were ready to take their marketing efforts to the next level to attract cosmetic dentistry patients. The way to do this: a cosmetic-centric micro site (think mini website) that mimics the look and feel of their main website.

Over the years, we’ve helped many of our clients create and launch micro sites for their specialties. MDPM Consulting has created micro sites for sleep apnea/sleep dentistry, implant dentistry, dentistry for TMJ/migraine headaches, cosmetic dentistry, and so much more. The goal? To help our clients boost their web presences for those areas of dentistry they’ve furthered their education in, feel passionate about, and — ultimately — want to attract new patients for.

Think a micro site might be next step in your online marketing strategy? Ready to take your dental practice’s web presence to the next level? We want to speak with you! Give us a call at (972) 781-8861 or shoot us an email at [email protected].